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This morning we are in the midst of a snowstorm that began yesterday and is still keeping people off the streets. Compared to March, the rest of this Ohio winter was mild.

I woke up to the sound of thunder and the flash of lightning accompanying the snow.


2 p.m.

The snow has not stopped. It's up to the seat of the bench on the deck. Sixty mph winds are predicted to start around 3, making a bad condition worse. Police are warning motorists to stay off the roads. There is a long list of businesses and churches closed, including all three universities and the mall. There is no traffic moving on my street. Some cities are claiming they are out of salt.


Richard Salbato has put together a series of meditations on the mysteries of the rosary that some are finding helpful.


by John Robison - 1798

The fourth chapter dedicated to the French Revolution once again provides some parallels to contemporary society.

How many times have we heard the word "change" mentioned in the current presidential campaign? Yet change to what? No one is talking about what.

Robison writes:

In the course of four or five days, the appearance of Paris was completely changed. Every where one saw crowds staring at papers pasted on the walls--breaking into little parties--walking up and down the streets in eager conversation--adjourning to coffee-houses--and the conversation in all companies turned to politics alone; and in all these conversations, a new vocabulary, where every second word was Morality, Philanthropy, Toleration, Freedom, and Equalisation of property. Even at this early period persons were listened to without censure, or even surprise, who said that it was nonsense to think of reforming their government, and that it must be completely changed. In short, in the course of a month, a spirit of licentiousness and a rage for innovation had completely pervaded the minds of the Parisians. (p. 211)

...they intended to establish universal Liberty and Equality, the imprescriptible Rights of Man (at least they pretended all this to those who were neither Magi nor Regentes.) And, as necessary preparations for all this, they intended to root out all religion and ordinary morality, and even to break the bonds of domestic life, by destroying the veneration for marriage-vows, and by taking the education of children out of the hands of the parents. This was all that the Illuminati could teach, and THIS WAS PRECISELY WHAT FRANCE HAS DONE. (p. 215-216)

...the French borrowed from the Illuminati a maxim, unheard of in any other association of banditti, viz. that of cheating each other. As the managers had the sole possession of the higher mysteries, and led the rest by principles which they held to be false, and which they employed only for the purpose of securing the co-operation of the inferior Brethren, so Mirabeau, Sieyes, Pethion, and others, led the Duke of Orleans at first by his wicked ambition, and the expectation of obtaining that crown which they intended to break in pieces, that they might get the use of his immense fortune, and of his influence on the thousands of his depending sycophants, who ate his bread and pandered to his gross appetites. (p. 216)

Speaking of Masonic ritual, Robison writes:

...the awful and gloomy rituals of Masonry, and particularly the severe trials of confidence and submission, must have a great tendency to harden the heart, and fit a man for atrocious actions. No one can doubt of this who reads the following instance:

"A candidate for reception into one of the highest Orders, after having heard many threatenings denounced against all who should betray the Secrets of the Order, was conducted to a place where he saw the dead bodies of several who were said to have suffered for their treachery. He then saw his own brother tied hand and foot, begging his mercy and intercession. He was informed that this person was about to suffer the punishment due to this offence, and that it was reserved for him (the candidate) to be the instrument of this just vengeance, and that this gave him an opportunity of manifesting that he was completely devoted to the Order. It being observed that his countenance gave signs of inward horror (the person in bonds imploring his mercy all the while) he was told, that in order to spare his feelings, a bandage should be put over his eyes. A dagger was then put into his right hand, and being hood-winked, his left hand was laid on the palpitating heart of the criminal, and he was then ordered to strike. He instantly obeyed; and when the bandage was taken from his eyes, he saw that it was a lamb that he had stabbed. Surely such trials and such wanton cruelty are only fit for training conspirators."
(p. 223-224)

The first proceeding by the advice of the deputies was the formation of a Political Committee in every Lodge. This committee corresponded with the distant Lodges, and in it were discussed and settled all the political principles which were to be inculcated on the members. The author of the Neueste Arbeitung says expressly, that "he was thoroughly instructed in this, that it was given in charge to these committees to frame general rules, and to carry through the great plan (grand œuvre) of a general overturning of religion and government." The principal leaders of the subsequent Revolution were members of these committees. Here were the plans laid, and they were transmitted through the kingdom by the Corresponding Committees.

Thus were the stupid Bavarians (as the French were once pleased to call them) their instructors in the art of overturning the world. The French were indeed the first who put it in practice. These committees arose from the Illuminati in Bavaria, who had by no means given over working; and these committees produced the Jacobin Club. It is not a frivolous remark, that the Masonic phrase of the persons who wish to address the Brethren, "S. je demande la parole, which the F. S. reports to the V. G. M. and which he announces to the Brethren thus, "Mes freres, frere tel demande la parole, la parole lui est accordée,") is exactly copied by the Jacobin Club. There is surely no natural connection between Free Masonry and Jacobinism--but we see the link--Illuminatism.--

The office-bearers of one of the Lodges of Philalethes in Paris were Martin, Willermooz (who had been deputy from the Chevaliers Bienfaisants to the Willemsbad Convention) Chappe, Minet, de la Henriere, and Savatier de l’Ange. * In another (the Contract Social) the political committee consisted of La Fayette, Condorcet, Pethion, d’Or-leans, Abbé Bertholis, d’Aiguillon, Bailly, Marq. de la
(p. 230-231)

Hence it has arisen that the French aimed, in the very beginning, at overturning the whole world. (p. 233)

De la Metherie also, in his preface to the Journal de Physique for 1790, says expressly that "the cause and arms of France were powerfully supported in Germany by a sect of philosophers called the Illuminated." In the preface to the Journal
for 1792, he says, that "Letters and deputations were received by the Assembly from several Corresponding Societies in England, felicitating them on the triumph of Reason and Humanity, and promising them their cordial assistance." He read some of these manifests, and says, that "one of them recommended strongly the political education of the children, who should be taken from the parents, and trained up for the state." Another lamented the baleful influence of property, saying that "the efforts of the Assembly would be fruitless, till the fence was removed with which the laws so anxiously secured inordinate wealth. They should rather be directed to the support of talents and virtue; because property would always support itself by the too great influence which it had in every corrupted state. The laws should prevent the too great accumulation of it in particular families."
(p. 234-235)

The leaders of the Illuminati are, not without reason, in anxiety, lest the inferior classes of their own Society should make just reprisals for having been so basely tricked, by keeping them back, and in profound ignorance of their real designs; and for working on them, by the very goodness of their hearts, to their final ruin; and lest the Free Masons, whom they have also abused, should think of revenging themselves, when the matchless villany of their deceivers has been so clearly exposed. It is in vain for them to talk of the danger of instructing the people in the methods of fomenting rebellion by this book. The aims are too apparent, and even in the neighbourhood of Regensburg, where the strength of the Illuminati lay, every person said aloud, that the Illuminatism discovered by this book was High Treason, and the most unheard-of attempt to annihilate every religion and every civil government." (p. 238-239)

In the Hamburgh Political Journal, August, September, and October 1790, there are many proofs of the machinations of emissaries from the Mason Lodges of Paris among the German Free Masons--See pages 836, 963, 1087, &c. It appears that a club has taken the name of Propaganda, and meets once a-week at least, in the form of a Mason Lodge. (p. 240)

Was the Lodge Propaganda Due, instrumental in the Vatican Bank Scandal, named after this Illuminati Lodge?

In the General Reflection at the end of the Chapter, Robison comments:

I may observe, in the first place, and I beg it may be particularly attended to, that in all those villainous machinations against the peace of the world, the attack has been first made on the principles of Morality and Religion. The conspirators saw that till these are extirpated, they have no chance of success; and their manner of proceeding chews that they consider Religion and Morality as inseparably connected together. We learn much from this--Fas est et ab hoste doceri.--They endeavour to destroy our religious sentiments, by first corrupting our morals. (p. 245)

Take a moment to consider the assault on the morals of America since 1960. Are we in the same process of corruption that took place in France?

There are too many parallels between the changes that were taking place in 18th century France and the changes that have taken place and are still progressing in 20th century America. The infatuation with the occult that is growing in our society is a harbinger of evil days to come. May God have mercy on us!


Yale Daily News Columinist Michael Zink takes a tongue in cheek look at Yale's secret societies:

I don’t delude myself about the secret society experience.

Rather, I take it for what it is: a great way to meet interesting new people, participate in some neat Satanic rituals, and engage in a nefarious global conspiracy of unspeakable proportions.

Of course, there is a good deal of misinformation about what secret societies actually do. I’ve often heard that societies are relatively tame organizations whose members spend much of their time giving “biographies,” a dressed-up term for sitting around and telling each other their life stories — but this is obviously a myth made up to placate outsiders. If it were true, then secret society membership would be so unbearably tedious that the current seniors would do best to stop bringing in new recruits out of mercy.

That I am able to see through this sham is a testament to my potential as a secret society member. Yes, my sparse array of life experiences and meaningful connections would make me something of a “project,” but I have several talents that will prove invaluable to any malignant, ritualistic cabal bent on world domination. I’ve been told that I wear flowing black cloaks incredibly well, and I have a good, loud voice for shouting obscenities and profaning various deities.

I also have a strong predisposition towards nepotism; phrases like “Old Boys’ Club,” and “backroom deal,” thrill me in ways that I cannot fully explain. I’m looking forward to pledging my undying allegiance to whatever god, conspiracy, or supernatural force that my prospective secret society specifies. I know that each society has its favorite, be it the Bavarian Illuminati, Satan, Eulogia, the Freemasons or a giant anthropomorphic crab-god. I’m not picky. So long as it’s evil, it’s fine by me.

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When I read stories like this one of the Archbishop of Malta praying in a mosque, it precipitates a sinking feeling in my stomach that our Church leaders no longer are confident that they know who God is, and if they don't know, how can I possibly know, and maybe if we have all been wrong for centuries there really is no god and the whole thing is just a myth made up by man for whatever reason that I can't even fathom.

From there, then, I have to rebuild the crumbled faith yet again into the tower of strength that is needs to be and has been and hopefully will be if our shepherds don't continue to pull it to pieces time after time.

If activity like this does one day result in a one world faith, it won't be a faith that bears any resemblance to what has gone before it.

"PROOF OF A CONSPIRACY" - The German Union

by John Robison - 1798

"The German Union" is terminology I had not read before this book. It refers to more of the same sort of Illuminist activity discussed in Chapter II, and is a continuation of that activity following the suppression of the Order of the Illuminati in Bavaria and Wirtemberg by the reigning monarchs. As Robison puts it:

The minds of men were predisposed for a change by the restless spirit of speculation in every kind of enquiry, and the leaven had been carefully and skillfully disseminated in every quarter of the empire, and even in foreign countries. (p. 157)

It sounds a little too much like the current state of affairs here in the U.S. right now for my comfort. How closely the impact on culture that the reading societies made comes to the impact of today's movies and videos combined with computer games and rock music. Corrupting the culture is at least a 200-year-old methodology.

The freedom of enquiry, which was supported by the state in Protestant Germany, was terribly abused (for what will the folly of man not abuse) and degenerated into a wanton licentiousness of thought, and a rage for speculation and scepticism on every subject whatever. The struggle, which was originally between the Catholics and the Protestants, had changed, during the gradual progress of luxury and immorality, into a contest between reason and superstition. And in this contest the denomination of superstition had been gradually extended to every doctrine which professed to be of divine revelation, and reason was declared to be, for certain, the only way in which the Deity can inform the human mind. (p. 160)

The fullest account is to be had in a work published at Leipzig by Goschen the bookseller. It is entitled "More Notes than Text, or the German Union of XXII, a new Secret Society for the Good of Mankind," Leipzig, 1789. The publisher says, that it was sent him by an unknown hand, and that he published it with all speed, on account of the many mischiefs which this Society (of which he had before heard several reports) might do to the world, and to the trade, if allowed to go on working in secret. From this work, therefore, we may form a notion of this redoubtable Society, and judge how far it is practicable to prevent such secret machinations against the peace and happiness of mankind. ...

The book More Notes than Text contains plans and letters, which the Twenty-two United Brethren have allowed to be given out, and of which the greatest part were printed, but were entrusted only to assured members.
(p. 166)

This association, too, has an outer and an inner order:

THE GERMAN UNION has now acquired a consistence, and we now divide the fraternised part of the nation into ten or twelve Provinces or Dioceses, each directed by its Diocesan at his office: and these are so arranged in due subordination, that all business comes into the UNION-HOUSE as into the centre of the whole.

"Agreeably to this manner of proceeding there are two classes of the Brotherhood, the Ordinary, and the Managing Brethren. The latter alone know the aim of the Association...
(p. 168)

This association, too, depended upon Freemasonry to which all belonged (p. 717), and it continued to use reading societies to spread the new philosophy (p. 172).

Robison tells us

there is a secret plan of operations, that is known only to the Centre and the Confidential Brethren. The author of Fuller Information says that he has this plan, and would print it, were he not restrained by promise. He gives us enough however to show us that the higher mysteries of the Union are precisely the same with those of the Illuminati. Christianity is expressly said to have been a Mystical Association, and its founder the Grand Master of a Lodge. The Apostles, Peter, James, John, and Andrew, were the ELECT, and Brethren of the Third Degree, and initiated into all the mysteries. The remaining Apostles were only the Second Degree; and the Seventy-Two were of the First Degree. Into this degree ordinary Christians may be admitted, and prepared for further advancement. (p. 180-181)

...it is certain that many Reading Societies had been set up...in every quarter of Germany, and that the ostensible managers were in general of very suspicious characters, both as to morals and loyalty. (p. 182)

Among the books provided to the reading societies was one Better than Horus by Illuminatus Dr. Bahrdt, written at the behest of Weishaupt. As Robison puts it:

Licentious books will be read with fluttering eagerness, as long as they are not universally permitted; and pitiable will be the state of the nation when their number makes them familiar and no longer entertaining. (p. 187)

This, too, sounds like the state we have come to in America.

This Dr. Bahrdt was a parish-minister, and president of some inferior ecclesiastical district and led a debauched and licentious life. He used up the financial resources of his wife then abused her. He kept a mistress in the house, giving the mistress command of the family while his wife and daughter were confined to a separate part of it. The mistress lived with him while he was in prison and bore him two children. When he was set free he brought all three to his house to life. He ended his own life with an overdose of Laudanum, leaving his mistress and illegitimate children provided for but not his wife and daughter. (p. 197-198)

Robison closes the chapter with the assurance

That the Illuminati and other hidden Cosmo-political societies had some influence in bringing about the French Revolution, or at least in accelerating it, can hardly be doubted. (p. 206)


Bored with little smileys that dart around your screen? Bored with half-dressed victims as they attempt to escape their pursuers? "Witches Screenshots" is just the ticket to excite your gaming pleasure:

Project WITCHES is a 3rd person action/adventure game developed by Revistronic and designed to exploit the capabilities of new generation consoles.
Players find themselves in terrifying dark medieval surroundings in an epic struggle for survival against the repellent deformed Hordes of the Beast, an evil creature that has established a reign of slavery and terror throughout the land.

Across a landscape of devastation, you have to direct Tempest, Shadow and Fire, sultry warriors that still resist his dark will and leads the rebellion against his satanic power....

Scenario: Everything reeks of death, torture and destruction. People have been enslaved. They are prisoners of a dark power that has established a reign of terror and devastation throughout the land....

Feel the fear: Skies rent by terrifying storms, hair-raising shrieks, shadows in the fog, stealthy movements and menacing growls, the glint of monstrous eyes that watch from the shades....

Easy & intuitive control: The Player can switch the Main Character, perform combos, use magical powers, run, jump, climb, perform the stealth occultism arts and move the lights in real time.

The witches apparently are the good guys and some other sinister force represents evil. Witches bringing the light of Christ? I don't think so. This cosmology will mess with your kids minds.

But hey...it's all just a game, isn't it? Can't have eternal consequences...not just a game.

If you check out the website, glance at the game coming February 26 advertised on the right. "Turning Point Fall of Liberty". It's already here. From the dark arts to revolution. Just like in Robison's book which I've been reporting on.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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German Catholics and Jews are pushing the pope to withdraw his modified Good Friday Mass, which urges the conversion of Jews.

The General Rabbinical Council of Germany issued a statement Wednesday saying that the German-born Pope Benedict XVI's decision has damaged Jewish-Catholic relations in Germany. The council expressed hope for "a satisfactory solution in the near future," though observers admit the chances of influencing the pope are slim.

The statement followed an official protest on Feb. 29 of the Jewish-Christian Circle of the Central Committee of German Catholics, an independent group that includes rabbinical council president Rabbi Henry Brandt.



Picking up where I left off yesterday with John Robison's 1798 book, it is time to look at the Illuminati to which he devotes his second chapter.

Motivations behind Weishaput's formation of the Illuminati included a desire "to make of the human race, without any distinction of nation, condition, or profession, one good and happy family." He believed all other considerations would have to give way to this notion, including sovereign governments and religion. Methods for bringing this about included major deceptions. The Illuminati was a two-tiered system. Those at the top, in the know, did not admit to those in the lower grades what the end purpose of the organization was about. Robison writes:

Weishaupt's emissaries had already procured the adherence of many other Lodges; and the Eclectic Masonry had been brought into vogue chiefly by their exertions at the Willemsbad convention. The Lodge Theodore was perhaps less guarded in its proceedings, for it became remarkable for the very bold sentiments in politics and religion which were frequently uttered in their harangues; and its members were noted for their zeal in making proselytes. Many bitter pasquinades, satires, and other offensive pamphlets were in secret circulation, and even larger works of very dangerous tendency, and several of them were traced to that Lodge. (p. 59)

In the beginning of 1783, four professors of the Marianen Academy, founded by the widow of the late Elector, viz. Utschneider, Cossandey, Renner, and Grunberger, with two others, were summoned before the Court of Enquiry, and questioned, on their allegiance, respecting the Order of the Illuminati. They acknowledged that they belonged to it, and when more closely examined, they related several circumstances of its constitution and principles. Their declarations were immediately published, and were very unfavorable. The Order was said to abjure Christianity, and
to refuse admission into the higher degrees to all who adhered to any of the three confessions. Sensual pleasures were restored to the rank they held in the Epicurean philosophy. Self-murder was justified on Stoical principles. In the Lodges death was declared an eternal sleep; patriotism and loyalty were called narrow-minded prejudices, and incompatible with universal benevolence; continual declamations were made on liberty and equality as the unalienable rights of man. The baneful influence of accumulated property was declared an insurmountable obstacle to the happiness of any nation whose chief laws were framed for its protection and increase. Nothing was so frequently discoursed of as the propriety of employing, for a good purpose, the means which the wicked employed for evil purposes...
(p. 60-61)

Evil applied for good purposes is the hallmark of the Sabbatean-Frankist "Jewish" heresy. The testimony continues:

After the mind of the pupil has been warmed by the pictures of universal happiness, and convinced that it is a possible thing to unite all the inhabitants of the earth in one great society, and after it has been made out, in some measure to the satisfaction of the pupil, that a great addition of happiness is gained by the abolition of national distinctions and animosities, it may frequently be no hard task to make him think that patriotism is a narrow-minded monopolising sentiment, and even incompatible with the more enlarged views of the Order, namely, the uniting the whole human race into one great and happy society. Princes are a chief feature of national distinction. Princes, therefore, may now be safely represented as unnecessary. If so, loyalty to Princes loses much of its sacred character; and the so frequent enforcing of it in our common political discussions may now be easily made to appear a selfish maxim of rulers, by which they may more easily enslave the people; and thus, it may at last appear, that religion, the love of our particular country, and loyalty to our Prince, should be resisted, if, by these partial or narrow views, we prevent the accomplishment of that Cosmo-political happiness which is continually held forth as the great object of the Order. It is in this point of view that the terms of devotion to the Order which are inserted in the oath of admission are now explained. The authority of the ruling powers is therefore represented as of inferior moral weight to that of the Order. "These powers are despots, when they do not conduct themselves by its principles; and it is therefore our duty to surround them with its members, so that the profane may have no access to them. Thus we are able most powerfully to promote its interests. If any person is more disposed to listen to Princes than to the Order, he is not fit for it, and must rise no higher. We must do our utmost to procure the advancement of Illuminati into all important civil offices." (p. 74)

Those are the seeds of revolution that flowered in France in the overthrow of the monarchy and anti-clericalism taken to the ultimate end of murdering priests.

Baron Knigge was the second most active member of the Illuminati after Weishaput. His Order name was Philo. Weishaput's name was Spartacus. Other members included Zwak (Cato) Bassus (Hannibal), Hertel (Marius), Marquis Constanza (Diomedes), Nicholai (Lucian). The City of Munich was referred to as Athens. Vienna was Rome. (p. 76). Many of the Illuminati papers were destroyed, but some correspondence has survived.

In a Feb. 6, 1778 communication between Spartacus and Cato, Weishaput wrote:

We have to struggle with pedantry, with intolerance, with divines and statesmen, and above all, princes and priests are in our way...Only those who are assuredly proper subjects shall be pickied out from among the inferior classes for the higher mysteries, which contain the first principles and means of promoting a happy life. No religionist must, on any account, be admitted into these: For here we work at the discovery and extirpation of superstition and prejudices...we shall labour at the contrivance of means to drive by degrees the enemies of reason and of humanity out of the world, and to establish a peculiar morality and religion fitted for the great Society of mankind. ... (p. 77)

The allegory on which I am to found the mysteries of the Higher Orders is
the fire-worship of the Magi. We must have some worship, and none is so apposite. LET THERE BE LIGHT, AND THERE SHALL BE LIGHT. This is my motto, and is my fundamental principle. (p. 78)

There was a sisterhood for the female members of the Illuminati as well. (p. 79) There were founded in addition German reading societies. The Illuminists were expected to write profusely, and these written materials were the matter discussed in the reading societies, the object of which was to change the zeitgeist. (p. 84)

On p. 86 Spartacus (Weishaput) speaks of founding a new religion:

You can't imagine what respect and curiosity my priest-degree has raised; and, which is wonderful, a famous Protestant divine, who is now of the Order, is persuaded that the religion contained in it is the true sense of Christianity. O MAN, MAN! TO WHAT MAY'ST THOU NOT BE PERSUADED. Who would imagine that I was to be the founder of a new religion.

Robison refers to this new religion as "Masonic Christianity". (p. 86)

Weishaput is quoted as saying

Spartacus exults exceedingly in the acquisition [of Nicholai] saying "that he was an unwearied champion, et quidem contentissimus." Of this man Philo says, "that he had spread this Christianity into every corner of Germany. I have put meaning," says Philo, "to all these dark symbols, and have prepared both degrees, introducing beautiful ceremonies, which I have selected from among those of the ancient communions, combined with those of the Rosaic Masonry; and now," says he, "it will appear that we are the only true Christians." (p. 88)

Mention is made of the "Agape, or Love Feast", and of the "Superiors of the Order as the unknown Superiors of Free Masonry". (p. 102)

An account of the Love-Feast is given which appears to be a parody of the Catholic Mass, specifically the consecration. (p. 103)

Much like the Libertarians, the Illuminati reject any notion of original sin and rely on reason and believe that man's nature is essentially good, making it possible to do away with the rules and provide perfect freedom which will lead to universal happiness.

Whoever spreads general illumination augments mutual security; illumination and security make princes unnecessary; illumination performs this by creating an effective Morality, and Morality makes a nation of full age fit to govern itself; and since it is not impossible to produce a just Morality, it is possible to regain freedom for the world. (p. 107)

Duplicity institutionalized within the order is evidenced by the description of the degree of Presbyter:

I conclude this account of the degree of Presbyter with remarking, that there were two copies of it employed occasionally. In one of them all the most offensive things in respect of the church and state were left out. (p. 109-110)

Recruiting ground for the Order is the three lower degrees of Freemasonry (p. 112).

Apparently they were able to access church funds:

"We have got Pylades put at the head of the Fisc, and he has the church-money at his disposal."

"We have been very successful against the Jesuits, and brought things to such a bearing, that their revenues, such as the Mission, the Golden Alms, the Exercises, and the Conversion Box, are now under the management of our friends."
(p. 114)

They claim to have gotten control of "the Bartholomew Institution for young clergymen" and hope to use this control to "supply Bavaria with fit priests." (p. 115)

Robinson writes:

Their first and immediate aim is to get the possession of riches, power, and influence, without industry; and, to accomplish this, they want to abolish Christianity; and then dissolute manners and universal profligacy will procure them the adherence of all the wicked, and enable them to overturn all the civil governments of Europe; after which they will think of farther conquests, and extend their operations to the other quarters of the globe, till they have reduced mankind to the state of one undistinguishable chaotic mass....

Observe that Weishaput took a name expressive of his principles. Spartacus was a gladiator, who headed an insurrection of Roman slaves, and for three years kept the city in terror.
(p. 121)

He employs the Christian Religion, which he thinks a falsehood, and which he is afterwards to explode, as the mean for inviting Christians of every denomination, and gradually cajoling them, by clearing up their Christian doubts in succession, till he lands them in Deism; or if he finds them unfit, and too religious, he gives them a Sta bene, and then laughs at the fears, or perhaps madness, in which he leaves them. (p. 122)

Having thus got rid of Religion, Spartacus could with more safety bring into view the great aim of all his efforts--to rule the world by means of his Order. As the immediate mean for attaining this, he holds out the prospect of freedom from civil subordination....The pupils are convinced that the Order will rule the world. (p. 123)

On p. 131-132 Robison sums up the egomaniacal state of the minds of Weishaput and his followers when he says:

What CAN BE MORE IMPROBABLE than this, that He, whom we look up to as the contriver, the maker, and director, of this goodly frame of things, should have so far mistaken his own plans, that this world of rational creatures should have subsisted for thousands of years, before a way could be found out, by which his intention of making men good and happy could be accomplished; and that this method did not occur to the great Artist himself, nor even to the wisest, and happiest, and best men upon earth; but to a few persons at Munich in Bavaria, who had been trying to raise ghosts, to change lead into gold, to tell fortunes, or discover treasures, but had failed in all their attempts; men who had been engaged for years in every whim which characterises a weak, a greedy, or a gloomy mind.


The Pope is planning to rehabilitate Martin Luther - whose actions instigated the Protestant Reformation – by arguing that he did not intend to split Christianity but only to purge the Church of corrupt practices.

Benedict XVI will issue his findings on the 16th-century German theologian after discussing him at the papal summer residence, Castelgandolfo, during his annual seminar of 40 fellow theologians, the Ratzinger Schülerkreis.

Luther was and condemned for heresy and excommunicated in 1521 by Pope Leo X, who had initially dismissed him as “a drunken German” and predicted he would “change his mind when sober”.

Vatican insiders say the 80-year-old Pope - himself born in Germany - will argue that his countryman was not a heretic after all.

Read all of it...


DOZENS - even hundreds - of Catholics in Brisbane may have been illicitly baptised in a bungle the church is now trying to correct.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane says the blunder may affect anyone baptised at the St Marys Catholic Church before 2004.

The notice has been issued after a fresh directive this week from the Catholic Church in Vatican City.

The baptisms used two illicit formulas: "I baptise you in the name of the Creator and of the Redeemer and of the Sanctifier and "I baptise you in the in the name of the Creator and of the Liberator and of the Sustainer.

The legitimate formula is "I baptise you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.''

Continue reading...

Referred to as a "bungle", this looks much more like outright disobedience to me.


In an obvious attempt to smear, discredit and ultimately silence a popular conservative news and commentary web site -- NewsWithViews.com -- an Internet troller claiming to be a columnist is saturating the Internet with e-mail accusing NWV of being anti-Semitic.

The troller, who claims to be one Dorothy Margraf, a political columnist, sent out a mass e-mailing accusing NewsWithViews.com of associating with the Republic Broadcasting Network because she's angry with some of their postings. RBN is a syndicated radio network devoted to conservative-libertarian politics. Its talk show hosts include Derry Brownfield, Terry Anderson, former Green Beret John Moore, Frosty Wooldridge -- who's also a NWV columnist -- and other notable activists within the conservative movement.

In a reciprocal agreement -- which is quite common on the Internet -- RBN carries a NewsWithViews.com banner and link, while NWV carries a Republic Broadcasting Network banner and link. According to the principles at NWV and RBN, no money was involved and the online relationship is subject to review by both, NWV's and RBN's editorial boards in four months.

"This is an excellent way to increase the number of visitors to our sites," states one of the editors.

If Margraf has a problem with RBN's contents, she should contact them. While Margraf's claim of anti-Semitism involves Republic Broadcasting, she is attacking NewsWithViews.com.

"Just because someone opposes Zionism doesn't mean they hate Jews. Even some American Jews oppose Israeli foreign and domestic policies," said conservative political strategist Mike Baker.

Read the rest of the article...

Thanks to a reader for the heads up.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Today in the news are the following incidents:

TAMPA - Members of the Tampa Scottish Rite Masonic Center on Memorial Highway found quite a mess when they arrived Tuesday morning.

Red spray-painted pentagrams and satanic messages were scrawled across their building, monuments and even one of their vans. Vandals left graffiti everywhere...

The group's leader...says vandals also struck last year...

Down the road, Linda Sullivan and her co-workers at the Golden Corral found similar messages scrawled all over their restaurant.


LIVE OAK Vandals hopped a school fence and wrote Satanic messages in the quad of a private religious school in Live Oak during the weekend, the Sheriff's Office reported.

The hateful graffiti at Virgil Hauselt Memorial Christian School on the 400 block of Capitola Road were discovered just before 8 a.m. Saturday...

All together, there were 12 incidents of hate-related graffiti in an eight-month span, but no arrests were made.

The Seventh-day Adventist school, serves about 120 preschool through eighth-grade students. Lawrence said the school had been targeted by vandals in the past, but that it's been several years...

He and a school maintenance employee cleaned up chalk Saturday so a church group that uses the facility for a Sunday morning service would not encounter it...

In February 2006, vandals using specially crafted stencils targeted Holy Cross, Messiah Lutheran, High Street Community, First Congregational and Calvary Episcopalian. Also struck was the Agnus Dei Christian bookstore on Cedar Street and the Santa Cruz Mission Adobe park, which is near Holy Cross.

Vandals hit Holy Cross again that June when they spray-painted Satanic messages on the church facade and stairs...


The story of the investigation at the Children's home in Jersey, Haut de la Garenne, is escalating. Estimated underground punishment rooms has grown to four. Number of alleged victims is up to 70. The article also says that "more than 160 people claim they were abused" while at the facility. Twelve more detectives have been put on the case. There are now 40 suspects.

Evidence that the rooms were in fact used for punishment was found:

On a wooden post against the wall of a secret chamber under the building was written: "I've been bad for years and years."

Read the story...

If you do read it, note that this investigation has taken officers to Thailand, Germany, and the British mainland. Just keep those locations in mind for the future.

Thanks to a reader for the link.


From the Washington Post:

The Washington Post’s Sunday Style & Arts section spotlights Satanic music on the Lord’s day. The headline is “Going Down-Market: Satan Rules the Night at Jaxx.” Religion reporter Michelle Boorstein begins by reproducing the lyrics of a band called Dark Funeral: "Sin stands for beauty, sin stands for life. Sexual sin is every man's right!! He will exalt the wicked of man: our king the Antichrist!"


The underground church got a new member in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Over at Free Republic the defection of the St. Stephen's 9 a.m. mass-in-the-gym crowd has decided that leaving is preferable to following the rubrics.

Bye bye. Have a nice life.

There is an explanation over there of the nuances of the underground church...uh, the "borderline communities", the "above-ground communities", the "insiders", the "outsiders"...it takes a dictionary to keep up with them. Why not settle simply for "Not Roman Catholic". That says it all. They are each going their own way, and headed for disagreement as sure as the sun will come up somewhere tomorrow. How much better off spiritually their members would be if they stayed with Christ's Church.

This is rich:

I'm not interested in living in any type of ghetto, yet that's what Pope Benedict XCI seems intent on creating for Catholics. I'm drawn to a Church open to the Spirit, a Church that recognizes and celebrates itself as the Risen Body of Christ, alive and afoot in the world; a Church unafraid of journeying and engagement, of growth and change.

Any good Gnostic could have written that. They even admit to being about celebrating themselves. Notice that "Spirit" in not preceded by "Holy".

If you have time to read the comments, some of them will also bring a smile. I wonder if the leadership at St. Joan of Arc is losing any sleep yet?

You can thank Susanna for the link to this little piece of good news! Then say a prayer of thanksgiving for Co-adjutor John Nienstedt. He's got a tough job.


is the title of a book written in 1798 by John Robison, the text of which is online.

Given the original date of publication, the text is contemporaneous with the rise of Secret Societies of the illuminist persuasion. It has been called the source of today's conspiracy theories which, as we know all too well, are pooh-poohed in many circles as being mere figments of the imagination, a claim that Robison's text would seem to refute.

According to the introductory pages of the text, Ribison was Professor of Natural Philosophy, and Secretary to the Royal Society of Edinburgh. The online text is the fourth edition. He claims that in his "early life, [he] had taken some part in the occupations...of Free Masonry...having chiefly frequented the Lodges on the Continent. He was initiated at a lodge in Liege. He visited French Lodges at Valenciennes, Brussels, Aix-la-Chapelle, Berlin and Koningsberg. At St. Petersburg he "connected myself with the English Lodge, and occasionally visited the German and Russian Lodges held there." He was "received with particular respect as a Scotch Mason", and was conferred "with the rank of Scotch Master" "in a private Lodge of French Masons." (Introduction)

In Chapter I he writes:

German Masonry appeared a very serious concern, and to be implicated with other subjects with which I had never suspected it to have any connection. I saw it much connected with many occurrences and schisms in the Christian church; I saw that the Jesuits had several times interfered in it; and that most of the exceptionable innovations and dissentions had arisen about the time that the order of Loyola was suppressed; so that it should seem that these intriguing brethren had attempted to maintain their influence by the help of Free Masonry. I saw it much disturbed by the mystical whims of J. Behmen and Swedenborg--by fanatical and knavish doctrines of the modern Rosycrucians--by Magicians--Magnetisers--Exorcists.&c. And I observed that these different sects reprobated each other, as not only maintaining erroneous opinions, but even inculcating opinions which were contrary to the established religions of Germany... (p. 1-4)

Speaking of the Illuminati founded by professor of Canon Law, Adam Weishaupt, in 1775 (p. 9), and claiming that "the Jesuits took a more active hand in Free Masonry than ever (p. 15), adding that some Parisian Lodges conferred the degree of "Pellerin" among others (p. 17) [as in the Mount Pelerin Society?] Robison writes:

All of these [degrees] had some reference to some mystical doctrines of the Christian Church, and were, in fact, contrivances of the Church of Rome for securing and extending her influence on the laymen of rank and fortune, whom she retained in her service by these play-things. The Knights Templars of Jerusalem, and the Knights of the Desert, whose office was to protect pilgrims, and to defend the holy city, afforded very apt models for Masonic mimicry...

In all this progressive mummery we see much of the hand of the Jesuits, and it would seem that it was encouraged by the church....

The Lodges became schools of scepticism and infidelity, and the spirit of conversion or proselytism grew every day stronger. Cardinal Dubois had before this time laboured with all his might to corrupt the minds of courtiers, by patronising, directly and indirectly, all sceptics who were otherwise men of talents.
(p. 17-18)

It is no secret that Robison opposed religion. Nevertheless, his insights are still worth noting given the date of his writing.

before 1743...the Lodges of Free Masons had become the places for making proselytes to every strange and obnoxious doctrine. Theurgy, Cosmogony, Cabala, and many whimsical and mythical doctrines which have been grafted on the distinguishing tenets and the pure morality of the Jews and Christians, were subjects of frequent discussion in the Lodges. (p. 22)

On page 24 he refers to lodge life as "Masonic Faith" indicating that this faith varied from lodge to lodge.

He speaks of the French Loge des Chev. Bienfaisants at Lyons, France, which stood at the head of French Masonry. The Order of Masonic Knights Templars was formed in this Lodge, indicating that in this lodge the Martinists were instrumental in forming a schism. (p. 28) He speaks of another French lodge becoming a Jacobin Club. (p. 29)

He attributes Scotland to be the home of the Knights Templars when they escaped persecution:

The mighty secret was this. "When the Order of Knights Templars was abolished by Philip the Fair, and cruelly persecuted, some worthy persons escaped, and took refuge in the Highlands of Scotland, where they concealed themselves in caves. These persons possessed the true secrets of Masonry, which had always been in that Order, having been acquired by the Knights, during their services in the east, from the pilgrims whom they occasionally protected or delivered...In fine, every true Mason is a Knight Templar." (p. 38-39)

Apparently he believed that the Asiatic Brethren had the secret of gold-making (p. 44).

Chapter II is dedicated to the Illuminati. I'll pick up there tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


It's giving me fits tonight. If I'm not here tomorrow, you'll know why.


The Vatican turns away followers of the 'new Padre Pio'. Brother Elia, who suffers stigmata every Easter, is revered by 1000's

Yesterday was supposed to be a chance for as many as 10,000 people, including visitors from Britain, to meet Brother Elia, 45, at the headquarters of the Jesuit movement in Naples. Now that Lent has begun, time is running out to see him before he takes to his bed over April to undergo his annual torment.

Instead, his appearance was cancelled at the last minute by the Catholic Church, which is growing increasingly fearful about the rapid spread of Brother Elia's fame.

"We had to turn away 33 coaches of people," said a spokesman for the Apostles of God, the religious movement established by Brother Elia in 2003. "The whole of the south of Italy wanted to see him, but an order came down from the regional church that the permission for the meeting had been withdrawn."

The Vatican is reported to have asked Brother Elia not to give interviews or to hold any public religious services until it has made up its mind on the veracity of his stigmata.

Read all of the article here.

Hat tip to New Oxford Review for the link.


SPRINGFIELD – Stating that the authenticity of the “messages, stories and devotions” being propagated by a local prayer group, which contends that they are of divine origin, “has not been proven,” Springfield Bishop Timothy A. McDonnell has forbidden the group from disseminating the material.

An investigative team, charged last November with looking into the Springfield-based prayer group known as the Seeds of Hope, recently completed its review.

The results of the review prompted Bishop McDonnell to send Neil Harrington Jr., leader of the group, a letter dated Feb. 21 stating that, “The content of those messages, stories and devotions is not to be disseminated by word, writing or any other means to any person.”

Continue reading the article...

Thanks to Susanna for the update.

There is a link to the Bishop's complete statement contained in the article.


Dr. Sanford L. Drob, faculty member in the Clinical Psychology doctorate program of Fielding Graduate University, describes the parallels between the system of the philosopher Hegel and Rabbi Isaac Luria's Lurianic Kabbalah:

the extent of the impact of the Kabbalah on Hegel is difficult to determine. Hegel discusses the Kabbalah briefly in his Lectures on the History of Philosophy and Religion, and uses the Hebrew term Adam Kadmon to refer to the "archetype of humanity." ...

Kabbalistic ideas seem to have reached him indirectly. For example, Hegel¹s predecessor and early maestro, Friedrich Schelling was himself of a mystical bent and was influenced by the Christian Kabbalah, the Swabian pietists, and such thinkers as Jacob Boehme, each of whom had transmitted Kabbalistic insights into the Christian intellectual world. ...

For Hegel, as for the Kabbalists, the Absolute negates itself in order to enter into a finite, natural realm, but begins the return to itself through the formation, within nature, of the World Spirit, which is embodied in man. ...

Hegel discusses the Kabbalah along with Gnosticism in his Lectures on The History of Philosophy...

That's just a sampling. There are more examples at the website. Dr. Drob's biography can be read here.


Four hundred years after it put Galileo on trial for heresy the Vatican is to complete its rehabilitation of the great scientist by erecting a statue of him inside the Vatican walls.

The planned statue is to stand in the Vatican gardens near the apartment in which Galileo was incarcerated while awaiting trial in 1633 for advocating heliocentrism, the Copernican doctrine that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

Nicola Cabibbo, head of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and a nuclear physicist, said: “The Church wants to close the Galileo affair and reach a definitive understanding not only of his great legacy but also of the relationship between science and faith.”

Continue reading...


Over at American Papist Thomas Peters provides a number of links together with pictures of what appears to be this year's event.

Catherine of Sienna also had gathered up a number of links at Threshing Grain for those of you who want the ugly details.

Monday, March 03, 2008


If you call it a Catholic school, you have to abide by Catholic teachings. If you don't, you are guilty of fraud.

Another male member of the Catholic laity got involved and got results.

California Catholic Daily reports on the intended speaker for Our Lady of Guadalupe School, a far-left activist, Dolores Huerta. Parents found out when permission slips for students to attend the event were sent home. This is the same Dolores Huerta who

is the head of the far-left Dolores Huerta Foundation, the same Dolores Huerta who regularly marches in “gay pride” parades, the same Dolores Huerta who is a board member of the Feminist Majority Foundation, the same Dolores Huerta who told the Fresno Bee in 2004 that abortion “is the proper choice of every woman,” the same Dolores Huerta who received the Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood of America last March for helping to torpedo Proposition 85, the parental notification initiative in California, and the same Dolores Huerta who, more recently, was dis-invited as a speaker at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas, when university president Robert Ivany found out about her anti-Catholic activism.

The nun responsible for inviting her pleaded innocent when a father objected, but ultimately the appearance was cancelled. As the father put it: “I’m paying for a Catholic education and that’s what I expect to get,”...“They should be teaching our children to be members of the Church Militant.”

The father contacted California Catholic Daily who contacted the nun. The conversation between them is reproduced in the article. The all important result appears at the bottom:

Thirty minutes after the interview...Sister Lujano’s secretary called to report that the event had been cancelled.

Yeah, it sure helps when the men get involved!


Catholic author Hugh McNichol, at the website Pew Sitter, has written an editorial calling for a return to sacred art that I heartily sympathize with. I hope the architects are listening!

Oh, and those two angels pictured there...they need a tabernacle between them like we all need our daily dinner.


ROME, March 3 (Reuters Life!) - The body of the mystic monk Padre Pio, one of the Roman Catholic world's most revered saints who died 40 years ago, has been exhumed to be prepared for display to his many devotees.

The body of the Capuchin friar, who was said to have had the stigmata -- the wounds of Christ's crucifixion -- on his hands and feet -- is to be conserved and put in a part-glass coffin for at least several months from April 24.

A Church statement said the body was in "fair condition", particularly the hands, which Archbishop Domenico D'Ambrosio, who witnessed the exhumation in the southern Italian town where Pio died, said "looked like they had just undergone a manicure".

A spokesman for the monastery at San Giovanni Rotondo said he believed morticians would be able to conserve the face of the bearded monk well enough for it to be recognisable.

The body, which had been buried under marble in a crypt, was exhumed during a three-hour service that ended after midnight.

Read the article...


A reader sent in a link to a Christian New Wire article describing the speakers who presented at Cardinal Mahony's Religious Education Conference, at the Anaheim Convention Center, February 28-March 2. Kenneth M. Fisher, Chairman of Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc. (CRCOA) organized the protest. In the article Fisher says:

Roger Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles will subject tens of thousands of Catholics to indoctrination by some of the Church's most notorious pro-'gays' and dissenters--even though our Pope Benedict XVI expects bishops to shun dissent and teach the Church's official doctrines." ...

"Cardinal Mahony is bringing in a 'wrecking crew' of pro-'gays,' women-priest advocates, occultists and anti-Pope rebels to tell tens of thousands of Catholic educators what to teach Catholic children," Fisher warned. "These educators will go home and infect millions of boys and girls with the errors they learned at his dissent-fest."

Fisher said, "Many scheduled presenters aren't objectionable, and Cdl. Mahony sometimes does have a few well-known 'token' orthodox Catholic speakers. But he rarely invites them back, whereas he books the dissenters time after time."

"The souls of millions of children are in grave danger," Catholic activist Fisher said.

Unfortunately this came in too late for readers to take part, but I'm blogging it because it represents a fundamental change in Church leadership among the laity that is turning up in other places as well. The men are getting involved, and the men are not persuaded by sentimental arguments that have worked so well on the women for decades. Men are the fact-seeking half of the population, and the facts in so many places speak for themselves...as they do in Los Angeles every year.

Guys out there, please take note, and if you see a place where you can help, please step in. We women can't fix this mess. It takes male leadership.


Threshing Grain links the present incarnation of sisterly blasphemy, thankfully held elsewhere than Holy Redeemer Parish this time. Any speculation about the content of the "Hottest Confession"? What moral barriers are left to break?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

FROM THE EMAILBOX - Operation Outcry

Spirit & Life®
"The words I spoke to you are spirit and life." (Jn 6:63)

Human Life International e-Newsletter
Volume 03, Number 09 | Friday, February 29, 2008



Operation Outcry

In every country where abortion is being promoted, the insistent mantra of the abortion promoters is the lie that "unsafe (i.e., illegal) abortion" is damaging women's lives and should be replaced by "safe and legal" abortion.

The transformation of abortion from illegal to legal is supposed to make it - magically - safe for women. That was but one of the many lies about abortion that the US Supreme Court swallowed in 1973 when it legalized this killing procedure. While the abortion industry itself admitted that most of the illegal abortions were done by trained doctors in the comfort of their offices, very few arguments were as persuasive as the one that said women would be served by eliminating "back-alley" abortions and replacing them with abortion on demand. This pernicious lie is still a favorite argument of the abortion industry around the world, and they must marvel at how easily people fall for it.

Well, we know how to undo that lie. The same way we undo any lie: we defeat it with the truth. We are quick to acknowledge that abortion is never safe for unborn children, but 35 sad years of destruction has taught us that it's also a lie to think that legal abortion is safe and pain-free for women. Post-abortive women everywhere are the best witnesses to the truth about abortion, and that truth is very simple - there is no such thing as a safe abortion! Period. This testimony is valid both for our own fight here in the United States to overturn Roe as well as for our fight to keep this evil out of abortion-free countries. We need to join that fight as best we can and we now have a way to do that.

I have recently discovered a most worthy project for post-abortion testimonies called Operation Outcry. I am impressed by the scope of their work and the goal that they have set for themselves. This project is sponsored by the Texas Justice Foundation, the group that brought Norma McCorvey (the Roe of Roe v. Wade) back to the Supreme Court to let her story be heard. They want to collect one million "declarations" of post-abortion stories which will be entered into the public record when abortion comes back up before the Supreme Court. They are relying on various pro-life organizations to get the word out to post-abortive women and men who can declare, in a fully confidential manner, that abortion is not the salvation that it was promised to be in 1973 or ever.

In the face of the Supreme Court's ongoing commitment to Roe, the ones who have had real experience of those negative effects are able to testify to the highest court in our land something that we have always known: that abortion is a damaging, degrading and desperate procedure. It robs babies of their lives and women and men of their dignity. We think the Supreme Court needs to hear this message. In fact, the Texas Justice Foundation was the only pro-life brief that was cited in the recent partial birth abortion decision, and so we think there is a fighting chance.

Please do consider looking at the website of Operation Outcry and join in the effort to get declarations from one million women and men who have been affected negatively by abortion. The lie has to be countered by a strong witness to the truth, and after 35 years of abortion on demand, many people certainly have a strong witness to offer. There is no time like the present to use it!

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer,
President, Human Life International


Cynthia Collins, Louisiana State Leader

I was nineteen, a freshman in college and pregnant from my first boyfriend. A friend told us to go to Planned Parenthood. It was January of 1973 – same month, same year as Roe v. Wade. The counselor from Planned Parenthood sat across from me and said, “You can go to Washington, DC and get an abortion … abortion will be legal and safe pretty soon.” What I found out was that just because abortion is legal does not mean it is safe.

At the abortion facility, I was placed in a room with 40 other women. An empty fetal model was held up for us to see. The force of the suction was severe, and I began to bleed heavily. There was no doctor-patient relationship. I never saw the abortionist before the abortion, and I never saw him again.

Within a year I was diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease, deeply depressed, full of guilt, and drinking heavily and using drugs. I left college after my sophomore year and began a destructive lifestyle of promiscuity, pain, and aborted pregnancies. Abortion hadn’t solved my “problem,” it added to my pain.

During one abortion, part of my baby was left inside me. Planned Parenthood had referred me to an abortionist who did menstrual extractions. I was given no anesthetic. After crying in deep pain, with my arms grabbing the wall, the abortionist looked at me in fear. He told the nurse that I was too far along. He told me to get up, get dressed, and get out. I continued to bleed heavily for days. I was admitted to the hospital for an emergency D & C to remove the rest of the baby.

For years, I denied that abortion was the cause of the pain and deep loss in my soul. I thought: The government mad, it legal, so it must be okay. I was never told that abortion could be damaging my body or that I was taking another human life.

One year after marriage, I miscarried our son, Peter. His death in my womb was due to the scarring in my uterus from the abortions.

When my son, John, was eight-years-old, he said to me, “Mom, I feel there was somebody else before me … .” Abortion does not end on the abortionist’s table. Abortion affects the generations to come.

Abortion hurts women, children and the families of Louisiana and this nation. Women deserve life-affirming alternatives for both mother and child – no matter how a child is conceived.

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