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Good Vs Evil



Gavin Baddeley speaks of him in his book LUCIFER RISING: SIN, DEVIL WORSHIP & ROCK 'N' ROLL:

Perhaps the most influential new occult order of the 1980s was a countercultural chaos magic group known as Thee Temple OV Psychic Youth (TOPY). Founded in 1981 by avant-garde musician and self-styled 'esoterrorist' Genesis P-Orridge, TOPY was as much an artistic movement in the tradition of the Dadaists or surrealists as it was a magical order. Broadly anarchic in perspective, TOPY occupied a grey area between art school experimentation, post-punk political activism and mind-altering magic ritual, its idiosyncratic spelling supposedly being one of its methods of breaking the chains of conventionality.

P-Orridge had been with the band Throbbing Gristle, a seminal act on the industrial music scene, and would front the experimental musical project Psychic TV during his years with TOPY. The use of musical beats to alter consciousness and the concert experience as ritual were primary concerns, and the group can take a large cut of the blame for popularising the acid-hjouse scene in Europe. Similarly, spiritual extremes of pleasure and pain were prominent features of TOPY ritual, playing a prominent part in inspiring the fashion for 'body modification' and piercing.
(p. 156)

Some of the material from the Psychic TV project can be seen here. There is mention of the "Cthulhu Mythos Magick & writings of H.P.L." You can also read the "Rite of Communion with Cthulhu" by Tenebrous. Go over there and read the text for that Rite of Communion. They are attempting a materialization using a Host. Note this part of the text:

At the moment of possession, the power and identity of the Great God Cthulhu will be drawn into the body of the Host. At the last instance before total possession, the Host calls forth the name of the God, and the Temple falls silent. His power is radiated forth by the Priest/Priestess, who holds out the Chalice to collect these negatively-charged emanations (Dreams from R'lyeh).

Heaven only knows what they collect into the chalice of salt water and then distribute as communion. This is a black mass, folks. This is what Jimmy Akin introduces with his Cthulhu blog. Are you proud to call that Catholic?

Here is a link to the Temple of Psychic Youth. WARNING, you will not like the contents. It is pornographic.

P-Orridge is no longer associated with TOPY. He moved to the U.S. after his home in England was raided by law enforcement. Apparently he was implicated in a ritual sex abuse event while he was out of the country. Baddeley writes:

In February 1992, officers from the Obscene Publications Squad raided a house in Brighton, on the English South Coast. The raid was inspired by a decidedly fuzzy video of a 'ritual' which informants alleged had taken place in the cellar of the house (though the house, in fact, had no cellar). It belonged to Genesis P-Orridge, who was in Thailand with his family at the time, aiding Tibetan refugees. The video in question depicted P-Orridge, and others broadly associated with TOPY, in a collage of intercut film sequences portraying a kind of performance-art Black Mass.

What it did not depict was what advocates of the Satanic ritual abuse myth claimed was occurring onscreen: child abuse, abortions and anal sex. The appearance by P-Orridge's heavily-pregnant wife, Paula, in this cheaply-filmed ritual, was somehow interpreted as a woman being forcibly made to abort.
(p. 156-157)

Baddeley further says of the video that "the 'evidence' of Satanic abuse was, in fact, a performance-art video, Stations of the Cross, made for TOPY by highly-respected avant-garde film-maker Derek Jarman in 1983." So the charges of abuse that caused P-Orridge to move to California may have been false, but no one denies that a performance ritual black mass took place.

According to this bio. he was an "Early pioneer/innovator of Acid House/Rave Movement in UK and USA from early 80’s-mid-90’s."

If we were talking about great literature such as Shakespeare, there would be redeeming value in the material that could override its use by an organization such as TOPY. But we are not talking about great literature. We are talking about pulp fiction that was either ignored or disparaged at the time it was written, and which has now been taken up by a sex cult that has spread its influence into the mainstream culture. That, and only that, is the source of the popularity of the Cthulhu mythos. And that is what I found in a Catholic apologists blog. It made me feel physically ill to discover that. And if the rest of you can't see the problem here, then God help you!


The blog Questions for Bishop Richard Lennon says FutureChurch must find a new home.

Lennon Takes Over & Futurechurch Gets the BOOT!!!
From Call to action: Now that Bishop Pilla has resigned and Bishop Lennon has taken over, the Futurechurch national headquaters is being kicked off diocesan property:

Dare I post a very hopeful AAAWWWWRRRRRIIIIIIGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHTTTTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!! and glory be to God!

Thank you Bishop Lennon!

And thanks to a reader for the link.


I've been babysitting my grandbirdies all week. If one parakeet is entertaining, two are a two ring circus. They are like two disobedient children, constantly quarreling but lost without each other.

The younger and smaller one--Clay--has an aggressive personality and has concluded that he can take the older, larger, and more passive FRET. If FRET decides to visit the seed dish, Clay is suddenly hungry and edges FRET off the feed dish perch. FRET hops up onto the cage bars and then gingerly places one foot on the perch, waiting to see what will happen. If there is no response from the eating Clay, FRET hops down and attempts to eat, for which he sometimes gets angry twitters and sometimes angry pecks in response. At other times FRET is successful in getting dinner, but if not, he simply has to wait until Clay is no longer hungry.

Then there is the business of doing laps around the cage by hopping from perch to perch. Clay invariably starts it by hopping onto the perch occupied by the passive FRET, and moving in for the tag. FRET comes to life and hops onto another perch with Clay in pursuit. Round and round the cage they go. If FRET tires of the game, Clay bites.

One day Clay got very aggressive and FRET was helpless to stop him, so I took Clay out of the cage and held the back part of him under the faucet, scolding and soaking his back and tail feathers at the same time. Then I put him back in and placed FRET on the outside top of the cage so that he had the dominant position (something parakeets particularly like) . FRET settled down into his normal passive state and took a nap. Meanwhile Clay went nuts down below crawling upside down all over the cage top looking for a door. After they'd been in that state for an hour or so, I put FRET back inside and they behaved like long lost brothers for the rest of the day.

Another trick that has kept them peaceful is putting one of their toys in the exact center of the topmost perch so that each bird has a "room" on one side of the toy. The two of them can sit there contented for quite awhile that way, just like two children who have been sent to their room to sulk.

The birds love to be outside, so whenever they're here, I put their cage on the deck railing if the weather permits. I was reading the other night when the notion popped into my head that I should bring the birds in. I rejected it and tried to go back to reading, but it kept returning, and I couldn't concentrate. Finally I put the book down and went out to do it. No birds. No cage. I looked in the kitchen to see if my husband had brought them in. Nope. Crossing over to the railing and looking down, I saw the cage on its side in the flower bed with the top off and the birds gone. To make matters worse, it was starting to get dark. After a short while I found Clay sitting in the middle of the backyard inviting whatever cats might be around to come over and play. Typical of him, he was having an adventure. Scooping him up, I took him inside where I put him in a large box and got the flashlight and "grandpa" to try to find FRET. We looked all around the backyard in the shrubbery and finally did find him hiding under some flowers. Unlike Clay, FRET had the good sense to stay out of sight. What he didn't have was the knowledge that his chosen hiding place was right in the path that the neighborhood cats follow when on their prowl. Fortunately we beat them to FRET.

This little event sparked some very long moments of considering how I would have broken the news to my daughter that all that was left of her pets were a couple of feathers. The best I can figure out is that one of the squirrels was curious enough about parakeets to crawl up on the cage to investigate, and knocked it over in the process. That's what I get for feeding squirrels. After that little crisis, the birdcage was placed on the floor of the deck for the remainder of their fresh airing. I will NOT be telling their "mother" about their little adventure.

At least this time neither of them thought it would be entertaining to see what is behind the fridge!

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"The Horrow on Howth Hill" by Pope Robert Anton Wilson
contribution to the SubGenius anthology Three-Fisted Tales of "Bob"

The story is presented as a conversation between two inebriated friends.

The subject of the first part of this story is the size of a certain portion of anatomy of King Kong. He then moves into comparing his speculation to the size of a certain portion of the anatomy of various gods. The longer the part, the greater the god. In Wilson's estimation Osiris ranks pretty near the top:

Osiris is portrayed in Egyptian art as having about three times as much [anatomical feature] as one would expect in a man, or god, of his size. In Greece, Hermes was usually depicted with a [anatomical feature] almost the size of his body--why, statues of him look almost like a bureau with the middle drawer pulled all the way out. ...

Yahweh, the Jewish God who became the Christian God, always claimed to be bigger and better than any of the other Near Eastern gods who competed with him. He would have to be endowed with [anatomical feature] that would make Osiris or Dionysus, say, look almost impotent by comparison. ...

"Yahweh himself isn't much bigger than Kong. He walks around Eden at twilight without smashing down the trees or causing any notable wreckage of the sort Godzilla would leave in his wake. He shows his backside to Moses and nobody in Greece or even Babylon sees that cosmic spectacle. I would say he couldn't be more than forty or fifty feet tall. In bio-logic, he should have about four to five feet. In mytho-logic, if he were any ordinary fertility god like Hermes or Finn, he would have six times that or around twenty-four to thirty feet. As the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, etc., he would double our expectations at least. He should have around fifty feet. In passion, he would be symmetrical, fifty feet high and fifty wide in the middle, sort of like a giant F with the top stroke missing."...

Catholicism remains the last survivor of the ithyphallic cults of the ancient Mediterranean. Not only must one have a [anatomical feature] to be a priest, he was saying, but the Pope continues to insist on that because the inner order within the church--I think he meant the Knights of Malta--still holds the antediluvian credo about the biggest [anatomical feature] containing the greatest Animal Magnetism, or magic, or indwelling divinity, or something like that. He proposed a totally new, and shocking, theory as to how Popes are selected by the College of Cardinals and why these proceedings are always hidden from the public behind locked doors and no details are ever revealed. Evidently, he was seriously suggesting that, just as it requires a [anatomical feature] to turn a piece of bread into the body of a dead Jew, it requires the biggest [anatomical feature] on the planet to anoint others and pass on the power to perform this astounding alchemical transformation.

References to Lovecraft's Cthulhu are sprinkled throughout the story.

Such a story is not entirely unexpected from a former editor of "Playboy" Magazine. The fact that it may be funny to some doesn't make it any less offensive. Wilson is such a towering figure on the occult landscape that anyone who explores Cthulhu on the web is bound to run into him, and potentially to run into this story which is one of the entries in the Robert Anton Wilson Online Library.

I doubt if even Wilson would be foolish enough to write such a story about Mohammed, but the Christian God is blasphemed casually with no consequences. Tells me a lot about the character of the people who promote Cthulhu.

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“Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam” Spring/Summer 2006 came the other day. In this issue Stephen Brady has come down even harder on the hierarchy than in the last issue. The following are from his editorial concerning the Vatican document on homosexuals and seminarians:

There can be no doubt that the corruption within the Catholic Hierarchy will not come to an end until we have a Pope who will remove bad Bishops and replace them with Faith-filled heterosexual men willing to serve as our Lord intended. Not one more penny to Rome until the Pope takes action.

The following quote comes from the editorial in this issue titled “The Nature of the Beast: The homosexual Hierarchy must protect their own. Their world depends upon it”:

This Hierarchy is corrupt all the way to the top. You must stop exchanging pleasantries with the Bishops as if they are innocent bystanders. They are the sole problem along with the pope who refuses to remove them. You must accept these facts to effectively fight for the Faith.

Do not over analyze the situation. “By their fruits you shall know them,” is the plain and simple approach to take.

I’ve said something similar a few times in Dom’s blog—take them at their word and stop making up excuses for their actions.

Then there is this:

It was Bishop Fulton Sheen who first said that the unrepentant sinner turns to “social justice” to ease his conscience.

!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sheen, no less !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have had little but the social gospel over the last 40 years since Vatican II! It isn’t almsgiving where the bishops fail, it’s theology. As any student of Freemasonry knows, charity is the main Masonic apologetic. And just as with the bishops, the Masons fail to uphold their own religious traditions in the lodges where they are not to speak of religion at all. It is becoming harder to distinguish Catholicism from Freemasonry.

Brady takes Cardinal George to task:

…in my opinion, the most dangerous and damaging pro-sodomite Bishop of all is none other than Cardinal Francis George of Chicago. His presumed orthodoxy and intellectual background sucked in many a Faithful Catholic. RCF has documented many a situation in which his true colors were shown to be those of the “Gay Rainbow.” You will find some of these articles at the back of this newsletter.

After a long section of passages gleaned from the St. Sebastian’s Angels website, Brady says:

The Coverup Continues:

Several Bishops have found ways to appear orthodox while helping to destroy the Church from within. Acting pro-life is but one example. Unfortunately, many Faith-starved Catholics, are eating it up. Praising certain Bishops for occasionally defending the unborn is comparable to praising a mother for giving a slice of bread to one of her starving children. We only have abortion on demand because our Bishops have allowed it.

For a few years now I’ve known that there is as much corruption on the right as there is on the left. It is merely cloaked differently.

And on the back cover:

RCF has compiled a mailing list for a large segment of the Catholic population within the Springfield Diocese. We want to do the same in your diocese.

Through mailings to this list RCF has been able to expose the corruption that exists within the diocese as well as teach and defend the Catholic Faith. Donations are down at almost every parish included in our mailing. Apparently unwilling to defend the Faith himself, Bishop Lucas has not had the courage to challenge RCF. The only thing these Bishops understand is public exposure and lose [sic] of funds. With your help and God willing we will continue until we run them out of town or convert them.

Playing the $ card is the only way that we can get them to listen. It looks as though Brady may have found a way to play it. That should be worth watching and potentially joining. Obviously we aren’t going to get any help from Rome.

Here's a link to the Roman Catholic Faithful website.

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Perhaps I've come to understand the smug smile on the face of Dan Brown that I noticed in one of his interviews. He kept that smile even though the interviewer was asking probing questions about the truth of what he was claiming. That smile said, "Well of course, you idiot, I don't actually believe this thing I've written is true or that the myth behind it is true either. That's the whole point. Don't you get it?"

Myths have become fashionable. Lots of folks in religious circles are tossing around the word "mythos", particularly in Gnostic circles. Brown's and Lovecraft's fame both rest on myths. The Sinclairs of Rosslyn Chapel would appear to be generating a nifty income from myth. I suppose it beats selling the furniture to pay the taxes. Myth doesn't need to bear any resemblance to truth. After all, if it were truth, we wouldn't call it myth, would we?

New Age paradigm shifters get all caught up in creativity, mostly, I suppose, because the arts can transmit any "reality" the artist desires. How can you argue with a picture or a piece of fiction, or even a Mozart sonata? It becomes especially insidious when it is cloaked in bits of familiar truth so that separating fact from fiction becomes the first necessity.

Hey, I'm a sort of creative person, so I've written a myth of my own. Now keep in mind this is fiction and not intended to be taken seriously for longer than it takes to read it. That's the nature of myth. It's my truth for the length of time that it takes me to write it and you to read it. Then it's time to move on to a new myth written by someone else.

Ok, with that as background, shift your paradigm into fifth dimension myth mode and read on...

My myth begins in the year 27 A.D. Jesus and his followers have formed a cohesive band that moves around the countryside of Palestine giving the Good News to whoever is willing to listen. Their band is assisted by several women who handle the domestic chores like cooking and doing the laundry. Among them there is a woman named Mary of Magdala.

Mary had a reputation when she first joined the followers of Jesus. She had been earning her living as a prostitute in a temple belonging to a sect of Judaism that had fallen out of favor with the main body of the faith. Not only did she enable followers of the sect to have a conjugal relationship with God so as to become divinized, but she also practiced her clairvoyant powers by predicting the future of her clients, for a fee of course.

Mary had predicted the future to a certain man named Judas. She saw him joining a new sect of Judaism that followed a teacher named Jesus and was destined to become known the world over. She had slightly misinterpreted what she saw in her vision, though, and believed that this sect would very soon rule the world. That's what she told Judas.

Now Judas was a worldly man who knew on which side his bread was buttered. He immediately set out to find this Jesus and join up. After he had been a member of the roving band for a few months he brought Mary of Magdala to meet Jesus. Jesus, of course, knew all about MM and asked her to repent and change her life, offering to her friendship and holiness among His disciples. In anticipation of future wealth and power she joined.

Jesus was a very appealing man with a lot of magnetism. Mary thought she could use her talents to seduce Him, and become his religious consort as she had been doing in the temple, which would enable her to hold a place of prominence and leadership among the followers. In fact she was so sure that she had seen such a future for herself in her vision that she even wrote her own gospel which consisted of her favored status above even Peter, and told how Jesus demonstrated his favor by kissing her in front of the others. She tucked this gospel away with her clothing, waiting for the day when it would become a reality.

As the band of believers approached Jerusalem, Mary Magdalene and Judas plotted how they could move Jesus to reveal His kingship. They decided that they would force the revelation by betraying Jesus to Pontius Pilot. In order to insure the success of their plan, they performed the Hieros Gamos to seal it. Then they waited for the opportunity that finally materialized after a meal in an upper room. Judas brought Pilot's soldiers to Gethsemene where he betrayed Jesus with a kiss.

While they were waiting for the opportunity to force the revelation, Mary discovered that she was pregnant and concluded the child belonged to Judas and had been conceived during the Hieros Gamos. She told Judas, but didn't tell anyone else, knowing it would cause a scandal among the disciples.

When Jesus didn't reveal His kingdom, but instead went to His death, Judas, knowing the scandal of Mary's pregnancy awaited him and that he and she would become outcasts from the community of disciples because of it and because of his betrayal, he hanged himself, leaving Mary to face the music alone.

Still wondering what she was going to do, and with no coherent plan, Mary accompanied the other women to the tomb to anoint Jesus body. On the way she had a vision of a living Jesus and decided to hurry ahead to see if it were true and to ask Him for advice. When the others caught up with her, she and Jesus were standing together at the entrance to the tomb. He had just forbidden her to touch Him because He knew the evil plan that was forming in her heart--a plan to claim that He was the father of her unborn child.

When the other women arrived at the tomb and saw the scene, Mary fled without saying anything to them. She ran back to the Apostles and told them that Jesus was alive and she had seen Him.

As the weeks passed, her pregnancy became obvious. She said nothing but let them draw their own conclusions. Some of the more recent Jewish disciples from the heretical sect who had been persuaded by Mary and Judas to join Jesus' followers knew she had been alone with Jesus at the tomb and suggested that it could be that the child she carried was conceived by the risen Jesus then and there. They thought they could use this to their advantage, seeking to raise Mary Magdalene to the status of leadership. She didn't confirm or deny this claim about her pregnancy, but just let them think what they thought. They began telling others in the Jewish community about the bloodline of Jesus sired on the morning of the resurrection, and many believed them. They took Mary into their company, taking care of her and protecting her.

The word of this new development among the Jesus followers got back to Rome, and the edict went out to crush the threat. Mary's champions had to get her away from Jerusalem by boat in the dead of night. She and several of her followers spent days on the water, and finally landed in what today is called France. There they continued to care for her and for her child, putting it about that she had been Jesus' wife and that this was His child. Mary taught them her clairvoyant techniques, spreading her own brand of gnostic Christianity which little resembled the teachings of Jesus.

This sect of Christianity developed unhindered for centuries until a Pope decided to wipe it out, sending soldiers to convert Mary's followers. Today that is known as the Albigensian Crusade; and the rest of the story, as they say, is history.

There, you have read Carrie's myth. How do you like it? Do you think it has novel potential? Should I call an editor at Doubleday and work out a deal? How about cinematic potential, Ron Howard?

Now that we've done that, it's time to shift your paradigm back to fourth dimenision truth mode and your belief in the truth of the Gospel as it has been handed down by the Church through the centuries; and forget about Carrie's momentary lapse.

Monday, May 29, 2006


It's a question I think about more often than I want to, especially when I read pre-Vatican II catechisms. It's easy to see some of the heresy in the Church, but can I see all of it, or have I drunk in some of it, liking the taste? I'm afraid that I must reluctantly admit that the latter is probably closer to the truth.

How does one define the point of perfect Catholicism, assuming there is one? Of course the first thought that comes to mind is that perfect Catholicism is the faith as expressed by Jesus Christ, Himself, as He walked the earth. It quickly becomes obvious, though, that doing so would reject legitimate developments. After all, Christ said the Holy Spirit would be given to the Apostles to guide the developing Church. To make the perfect point of Catholicism the days between the resurrection and the ascension would be to deny Pentecost and the Church as the Body of Christ. It won't work.

The next thought is to place perfect Catholicism in the person of Peter and of the successive Popes. History demonstrates that we have had bad popes. If all popes were perfect examples, then why do they disagree? Obviously this won't work either.

Yet we have mass confusion in the Church today, and obviously we are floundering. We need to find some path back to Christ, and our leaders seem to lack direction.

The March 2006 editorial in Christian Order defines what I'm talking about:

Never mind liberal bias in the media, it is now so embedded within the Roman curia and national episcopates that even the conservative minority who readily see heretical splinters in Modernist eyes do not perceive the liberal logs in their own.

If we can't even recognize it, how can we fix it?

The article goes on to identify where the editor believes the problem lies, and I'm inclined to agree:

The problem starts at the very top, of course, with our Holy Father’s renowned predilection for the chief liberal architects of the catastrophic Council. In March 2004, as Cardinal Ratzinger, he effectively rehabilitated the heretical ‘Father of Vatican II’, Karl Rahner, whose influence on aspects of his own thought is manifest. Yet his speech to the Roman Curia on 22 December 2005 was even more telling. In adopting the usual evolutionary agenda aimed at rescuing Vatican II from itself, the Pope articulated la nouvelle théologie i.e. constant flux involving endless redefinitions of "relationships", such as those between faith and science and between the Church and the modern state and world religions. He restated, in other words, the essential principles underlying that anti-Thomistic ‘programme’ of ‘renewal’ set forth by Hans Urs von Balthasar and Henri de Lubac and diffused via the Council.

One could imply that the editor is proposing St. Thomas as the point of perfect Catholicism. Well, maybe. But then what do we make of the Christian East? The Church does not propose that Orthodoxy is heretical, only schismatic, and lately even the "schismatic" has been greatly tempered; but the East is allergic to Thomism, and I can see that the East has preserved much of what we lack.

There is another telling comment in the article that got my attention:

The postconciliar Church of smoke and mirrors will surely persist with its illusory ‘New Pentecost’ rhetoric until influential neo-conservatives admit their own addiction to the nostrums of this dubious duo.

"New Pentecost rhetoric". Yes, surely that is a great part of our difficulty. I presume that under that heading we would get the Charismatic Movement and the New Ecclesial Communities...major sources of our difficulties which becomes obvious when I read occult literature. The resort to mysticism is fraught with opportunities for the father of deception, especially when it divorces itself from doctrine. If we are going to resort to mysticism, we had better take up St. Thomas with determination, because it is our only hope of avoiding the pitfalls. Doctrine is the mystics life preserver, and I'm not suggesting the doctrine of von Balthasar's mystic Adrienne von Speyer! If we are going to embrace mysticism, we had better bind ourselves to the pillars of the faith, not to those who embrace modern novelties. We need to cling to long-held beliefs given to us by those who had both feet firmly planted on the ground and solid doctrine in conformity with the Tradition.

Assuming, of course, that we can yet determine what that is.

There is one thing I still know for sure. Jesus Christ is God's Son and the world's Savior. He has no equal. He can't be placed on a level playing field with all of the other gods floating around since shortly after the world was created.

I hope that Rome still remembers that.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!


From yesterday's bulletin:

The DaVinci Code book and movie is just a collection of heresies and falsities that have kept springing up for the last 2000 and some years. For those who read Church History--they spot this right away. Unfortunately, this stuff sells--for the gullible.

There is also a notice about a DVD video presentation of Carl Olson, Sandra Meisel and Fr. Mitch Pacwa's exposure of the errors and deception in the movie and book scheduled at a nearby parish.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


After Mass today some children were passing out prayer cards provided by the Knights of Columbus with the following prayer for vocations:

You have a wonderful vision for my life.
Show me the path that leads to you.
Help me to use my life in loving service.
Bless those called to serve as priests, deacon and consecrated religious life for your Church.
Together may we walk in the ways of your Son, Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and our Life.

To that I would add Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, send us priests for your diocese of Cleveland for we are lost without them!

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