Monday, March 03, 2008


A reader sent in a link to a Christian New Wire article describing the speakers who presented at Cardinal Mahony's Religious Education Conference, at the Anaheim Convention Center, February 28-March 2. Kenneth M. Fisher, Chairman of Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc. (CRCOA) organized the protest. In the article Fisher says:

Roger Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles will subject tens of thousands of Catholics to indoctrination by some of the Church's most notorious pro-'gays' and dissenters--even though our Pope Benedict XVI expects bishops to shun dissent and teach the Church's official doctrines." ...

"Cardinal Mahony is bringing in a 'wrecking crew' of pro-'gays,' women-priest advocates, occultists and anti-Pope rebels to tell tens of thousands of Catholic educators what to teach Catholic children," Fisher warned. "These educators will go home and infect millions of boys and girls with the errors they learned at his dissent-fest."

Fisher said, "Many scheduled presenters aren't objectionable, and Cdl. Mahony sometimes does have a few well-known 'token' orthodox Catholic speakers. But he rarely invites them back, whereas he books the dissenters time after time."

"The souls of millions of children are in grave danger," Catholic activist Fisher said.

Unfortunately this came in too late for readers to take part, but I'm blogging it because it represents a fundamental change in Church leadership among the laity that is turning up in other places as well. The men are getting involved, and the men are not persuaded by sentimental arguments that have worked so well on the women for decades. Men are the fact-seeking half of the population, and the facts in so many places speak for themselves...as they do in Los Angeles every year.

Guys out there, please take note, and if you see a place where you can help, please step in. We women can't fix this mess. It takes male leadership.

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