Thursday, June 22, 2006


Dear Friends,
Since I am regularly contacted by Catholic parents who want to know if it is now safe to send their sons to St. Gregory's Academy in Elmhurst, Pennsylvania, I would like to update the warnings to parents that I previously posted about St. Gregory's. The original warnings can be found on our web site at:



Catholic parents who are concerned about the spiritual, moral, and intellectual welfare of their sons should stay as far away from St. Gregory's Academy as possible. Although the priests of the suppressed Society of St. John are no longer living there, nevertheless there has been no essential change in the environment at St. Gregory's Academy, an environment that allowed the sexual perverts of the SSJ to abuse the students there. While Alan Hicks is no longer the headmaster, Hicks' assistant headmaster, Howard Clark, is now the headmaster. I dealt extensively with both Hicks and Clark from the very beginning of the Society of St. John scandal. After an initial period of thinking Hicks and Clark would help expose the SSJ, it soon became apparent that neither of these men were interested in the welfare of the souls of the boys for whom they were responsible. Neither Hicks nor Clark wanted the truth revealed because they knew that it was their negligence which made it possible for the SSJ priests to molest the boys at St. Gregory's Academy. Hence, neither Hicks nor Clark told the truth when they were deposed in the federal lawsuit filed by a former student of St. Gregory's Academy who was homosexually molested by SSJ priests, Carlos Urrutigoity and Eric Ensey. Clark, whose own son shared a bed with Urrutigoity, denied any knowledge of this in his deposition. In sum, Clark supported Hicks in his effort to protect the institution of St. Gregory's Academy at the expense of the boys who had been abused on their watch.

Worse yet, Clark now employs as dorm fathers and teachers many of the devoted cult followers of Carlos Urrutigoity and the SSJ: Brendan Landell, Sean Fitzpatrick, Garret van Beek, and Mark Schwerdt. These young men were intimate acquaintances of Urrutigoity, yet they are now the "adults" responsible for the boys who are currently students at St. Gregory's Academy. Neither Landell, Fitzpatrick, van Beek, nor Schwerdt had the courage to tell the truth about Urrutigoity's habit of giving "spiritual direction" to boys while sharing a bed with them, yet Howard Clark has put these cult followers into positions of authority where they are free to spread the poison of the SSJ into the next generation. Anyone who doubts that there remains a connection between Urrutigoity and the current employees and friends of St. Gregory's Academy need only go to the "Bonny Prince" web site (http://thebonnyprince.blogspot.com/) and read the names of the contributors, as well as some of the posts.

Finally, the Fraternity of St. Peter, which runs St. Gregory's Academy, has shown no desire to clean house. Like Hicks and Clark, both Fr. Arnaud Devillers and Fr. Paul Carr suffered severe memory loss while being deposed in the federal sex abuse lawsuit brought against the Fraternity of St. Peter, the Society of St. John, and the Diocese of Scranton. Yet the leadership of the FSSP was compelled to pay the largest portion of the nearly half-million dollars required to settle this lawsuit, for they knew that a multi-million dollar victory in court--where the full truth would have been revealed for all to see--would have ruined them.

In light of the above, I cannot repeat strongly enough that no parent should have anything to do with St. Gregory's Academy.

Pax vobiscum,

Dr. Jeffrey M. Bond

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Ok, I'm not blogging this week. So much for good intentions. I can't let this one pass.

Apparently ECUSA has gone and done the unthinkable as Rod Dreher points out!

More ECUSA follies
Quite a report here about the ECUSA General Convention refusing to affirm the particular Lordship of Jesus Christ. Here's a veiled example of the reductio ad Hitlerum invoked by a Tarheel divine:

"This type of language was used in 1920s and 1930s to alienate the type of people who were executed. It was called the Holocaust. I understand the intent, but I ask you to allow the discharge to stay," said the Rev. Eugene C. McDowell, a graduate of Yale Divinity School and Canon Theologian for the Diocese of North Carolina.

Are you a Christian who believes Jesus meant it when he said "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except through me" (John 14:6) You must be some kind of Nazi.

Read the rest of his comments and check out his links...

"Who do you say that I am?" None of us is going to escape answering it.

My new acquaintenance last Saturday who thinks all gods are the same has her own way of answering it. She has too much company in our supposedly Christian culture. ECUSA is just making it obvious. One can only hope that Benedict will make it clear that ecumenism leads somewhere else, because his is the one voice that can make the difference that Western civilization is suffering for lack of.

Jesus Christ is Lord!

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!


Here's the wording of the resolution.


Check out David Virtue's website where you can read:

COLUMBUS, OHIO (6/21/06)-While addressing a morning Eucharist at the 75th General Convention of the Episcopal Church, Presiding Bishop-elect Katherine Jefferts Schori declared, "Our mother Jesus gives birth to a new creation. And you and I are His children."

With Jefferts Schori as the leader-to-be of the Episcopal Chuch, it seems that the church will move beyond gender-inclusive language to transgender-inclusive language.

Make that headline up top "OUR WHATEVER-YOU-ARE WHO ART IN HEAVEN..."

The religious fiction writers must be putting in overtime.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


is worth a read, though a lot of folks will disagree.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


My pastor gave a short talk before Mass began today, as is his habit. The subject was Vibrant Parish Life II. He emphasized once again that some parishes are going to close because there are no priests, since the laity has not provided sons who are willing to dedicate their lives to the priesthood. And he said once again that parishes which are not supporting themselves will be the ones to close.

From the bulletin, today's "Deficit to Date (Fiscal Year 7-1-05) is $147,603.13. The "Minimum Needed Weekly" is $15,000, and last Sunday's collection was $9,161.50, making the "Week's Deficit" $5,838.50. Can he make it any plainer?

My husband and I talked about where we are going to attend church in the future. He suggested that I search the web for a parish. Let's see--what are the choices. The parish where the only Mass I attended was a jazz Mass? The parish I used to belong to until my faith was nearly gone? The church where I grew up, over in the next diocese where the remodeling has turned it into something that I actually find frightening? There are no choices for a place to worship.

I have been fighting to hold onto belief for 40 years. I think the modernists have finally won.

And I think I'm going to take this week off from blogging.


I was sitting across the table from a lady I had just met yesterday. Table talk can be strained among strangers. She brought up The DaVinci Code...had I seen the movie and had I read the book? Yes. Did I like it? The book kept me interested.

Well, what did I think about the story, she wanted to know; and I explained that it wasn't true; but she was buying none of it.

She told me that she was raised a Catholic, though I didn't get the impression she still practiced. She told me that to her all Gods (or gods) are the same. It didn't matter who you worshipped. She hadn't known that Jesus had children, though. She was pretty surprised when she read that and asked her sister who taught at a Catholic school. Her sister didn't think He had children either. But then she asked her next door neighbor.

That neighbor is a retired Methodist minister in his 90s. When she asked him and his wife if Jesus had children, they said yes He did, and they named the children. Trying to persuade her otherwise was a lost cause. She took the minister to be the man in the know.


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