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January 16, 2005 Homily by Fr. Robert Altier

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Reading I (Isaiah 49:3, 5-6) Reading II (1 Corinthians 1:1-3)
Gospel (St. John 1:29-34)

In the Gospel reading today, we hear a line that we have heard so often that most of us do not think much about it. Saint John the Baptist, standing there with a couple of his disciples, sees Jesus walking past, looks at Him and says, Behold, the Lamb of God; Behold Him Who takes away the sins of the world. We hear those words, of course, at every Mass that we attend right before receiving Holy Communion, and we have become so accustomed to those words that perhaps we have never really stopped to ask, “Why do we say that,” especially when you look at it in light of what comes at the end of today’s Gospel reading. After Saint John the Baptist gives testimony that he saw the skies open and the Holy Spirit descend upon Jesus and rest upon Him, he says, Therefore, I have testified that He is the Son of God. If he recognizes that He is the Son of God, why did he not look at his disciples and say, “Behold, the Son of God,” instead of saying, “the Lamb of God”?

Well, the reason has to do with the understanding for the Jewish people of what it meant that He was the Lamb of God. It hearkens all the way back to the Book of Exodus, when we are told that the father of each family had to procure for his family a lamb. The lamb had to be a male without blemish and it was to be sacrificed at the evening twilight. The blood was to be sprinkled upon the doorposts and the lintels of the house, and they were to eat the roasted flesh of the lamb. It was the Passover of the Lord, and in those homes the angel of death would pass over. Now if we look at what happens with Our Lord, we hear in the first reading from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah, as God, once again speaking of His servant, tells him, It is not enough for you to raise up the tribes of Jacob and restore the survivors of Israel; I will make you a light to the nations. All the peoples are going to be brought into one. All of the peoples, not only those people of Israel, but all the people of the nations who will believe in the Name of Jesus Christ will be children of the heavenly Father. And so if the father of the family is to procure a lamb for his family, that is precisely what our heavenly Father has done. He has procured a Lamb Who was a male without blemish. When we look at Saint John’s Gospel, where he gives to us a timeline that is based on the lunar calendar instead of the solar calendar, we see that the time at which Our Lord was sacrificed was exactly the same time that the lambs would be sacrificed in the temple. He is showing that Jesus is the Passover Lamb, that He is the sacrifice that God our Father has made on behalf of His own children.

We can also look further in Scripture to be able to understand the meaning of calling Jesus the “Lamb of God”. For instance, we look at the Book of Revelation and we hear about the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the One Who is victorious, the One Who is found worthy to open the book that was sealed with the seven seals. It is exactly what you see in the middle of the altar if you look at it carefully, the Lamb who is upon the book with the seven seals. But in this vision of the Lion of the tribe of Judah, Saint John suddenly sees a Lamb Who had been slain. So the Lamb and the Lion are one and the same in this particular reading. This fulfills what had been prophesied regarding Judah all the way back at the end of the Book of Genesis. It also fulfills what God had promised through Abraham.

Recall the day that Isaac was walking toward Mount Moriah – which, by the way, is the exact same mountain upon which Jesus was crucified –

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His blog was linked by Spirit Daily. He speaks of the concentration camps and quotes Benedict XVI. I find the possibility of his scenerio all too real.


It's 54 degrees here this morning. In Ohio. On January 5.

Of course it's raining.


Mansur Escudero, president of Spain's Islamic Council, has challenged the current head of Spain's Episcopal Conference, Bishop Ricardo Blazquez of Bilbao, to explain why Muslims could not pray in Cordoba's mosque. Mr Escudero said he had been encouraged by the Pope's act of prayer in Istanbul's Blue Mosque on his recent visit to Turkey. "It showed that mosques are open to Christian worshippers," he said. "Could not Muslims pray in Cordoba's mosque?"

Bishop Blazquez replied that public collective praying was prohibited, but he supposed private or individual prayer was acceptable. Mr Escudero then announced that Muslims would henceforth return to Cordoba's mosque to pray "in a respectful, private and individual capacity". The bishops hit back, insisting that "Muslims cannot in any way pray in Cordoba cathedral".

Read the entire story, linked by New Oxford Review, here.



John Major Jenkins, in his seminal work Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 , deciphered the ultimate meaning of the Mayan end-date of December 21, 2012, used by the Maya in their long count calendrical system. What Jenkins discovered was that all of the Mayan priests knew of this end date as the renewal and rebirth of a new world age resulting from the solar meridian crossing the galactic equator, and the earth aligning itself with the center of the galaxy. Everything the ancients were doing in their civilizations was involved in recognizing the significance of the galactic center. The wealth of ancient architecture left on earth, which mirrored the heavens and had encoded in their stone monuments the direction to galactic center, indicating the ascent to a new spiritual world age, is the hallmark contribution Jenkins brings to the readers of his Galactic Alignment.

Well, now we know why 2012 is so important to New Agers. Given that this review is also located in the Portal Messenger portion of the database, could one conclude that Van De Bogart ranks it right up there with the writings from the angels and the saints? Perhaps he thinks this messenger is more credible. In speaking of this alignment predicted by the metaphysics of Babylonian, Sumerian, and Persian civilizations, he writes:

Supression of awareness on a celestial scale happened once before when people were not allowed to see how the earth revolved around the sun. The vision of Galileo was suppressed by the Catholic church (sic) just 325 years ago.

This galactic alignment is supposed to bring about "spiritual renewal for humanity -- not catastrophe and destruction as is commonly promoted by modern-day interpretaions of the end time." He cites the book HAMLET'S MILL by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha Von Deschend, a ten-year study that precipitated the expulsion of Santillana from M.I.T. for his "unconventional point of view on interpreting the mythology of ancient civilizations". Additional theorists cited by Jenkins include Jay Weidner, Vincent Bridges, Dr. Oliver L. Reiser, Paul LaViolette. Like a good occultist Van De Bogart offers Jenkins' theory that the secret doctrine veiled in a "veneer of Christian pageantry at the convent of La Concepcion."

The knowledge being offered in this book is a bit dated--twelfth century to be exact. New Agers love to resurrect ancient civilizations. Perhaps because it is much more difficult to disagree with them when they do, given that most of us are not historians. Just to keep the argument interesting, DNA is equated with the spiral galaxy. "Magnetic polarities" and "cosmic ray showers" are tossed into the mix. Never mind that the writer making such claims is not a scientist, but rather a University of Pittsburgh philosopher. Might we assume that he made it up as he went along? Ah, but wait...Dr. Oliver L. Reiser "had a close relationship with Dr. Albert Einstein" so it must be ok. In any case the Reiser's theories were "far more scientific than de Chardin's Noosphere concept." That's not saying much!

Jenkins ties these claims from ancient architecture and scriptures to Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's book THE GNOSTIC CIRCLE. Now we have a hint of the source, and it's not human.

There is a bonus. Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy and Rene Guenon are part of the mix. Here we get the Perennialists that have had some influence on the Roman Catholic faith. Rama Coomaraswamy, son of Ananda, was a cardiac surgeon, psychiatrist, and Traditional Catholic priest ordained in the Thuc line of succession, who claimed to have been reordained by Malachi Martin, according to Wikipedia. According to Van De Bogart, "Jenkins retrived unpublished papers of [Ananda]Coomaraswamy from the Princeton University Press archive". According to Van De Bogart "One recurrent theme that flows throughout GALACTIC ALIGNMENT is the concept of the Primordial Tradition or the Perennial Philosophy," for which Rene Guenon is well known.

Both [Guenon and Coomaraswamy] refer to an ageless wisdom which comes from a transcendent realm. Coomaraswamy preferred to call it "sophia perennis et universalis": the eternal and universal wisdom. ...The advent of rationalism brought forth the profane sciences, and over the centuries these universal truths have been buried. But now these sacred truths are reemerging as the ascent phase of the precessional cycle begins once again.

Well ancient Roman Catholic Scriptures do talk about the return of Christ. I wonder if Van De Bogart is prepared for that possibility? Of course those same Scriptures tell us that not even the Son knows the date.

Jocelyn Goodwin places this in context. Van De Bogart writes:

In his endorsement of Jenkins' work, author Joscelyn Godwin (THE THEOSOPHICAL ENLIGHTENMENT and ARKTOS: THE POLAR MYTH), wrote: "John Major Jenkins is the most global and erudite voice in a swelling chorus of Galactic Center theorists.

If you are ready for the "Sundoor at World's End", the "Clashing Cliffs", the "North Gate", the "Scorpion Men", you and Van De Bogart will probably have a lot in common. But if you are an apologist for Jesus Christ, I doubt there will be any common ground.


Not to worry, Mercieca has it covered with the 1% Solution. The details are spelled out at The Homeplanet Alliance:

The director of the Homeplanet Alliance, Mitchell Gold, introduces the Homeplanet Alliance and its 1% Solution as a subsidiary organization of the International Association of Educators for World Peace as follows:

The IAEWP was founded in 1969 by Maltese Philosopher Charles Mercieca and has consultative status at most of the UN agencies including UNICEF, UNDPI, UNESCO, ECOSOC and UNCED. Through our many associates around the world in over 100 countries we promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Peace Education in order to achieve a Culture of peace and non-violence.

Recognizing that civil society requires a funding base outside of the Nation State systems we are developing a funding base, and a concept of "branding" that will facilitate the delivery of this unique funding mechanism.

The 1% Solution is a global funding strategy to assist in funding initiatives like the Greenstar Program worldwide. The 1% Solution is in its development phase and its Board of Advisors is helping to develop the infrastructure for this large endeavour.

The Board of Advisers includes:

Hazel Henderson
Jonathan Granoff
Dr. Charles Mercieca
Dr. Young Seek Choue
Dr. Rodrigo Carazo O.
Dr. Nina Lynn Meyerhoff
Lama Gangchen
Luciano Meira

According to the website the 1% Solution was launched in Greenwhich England in July of 2000 at the 10th World Congress of the IAEWP.

Eight percent of purchases made at the Greenstar website will be forwarded to The Homeplanet Alliance to further this work.

Another Homeplanet webpage dedicated to the 1% Solution refers to it as a "voluntary global Tithe implemented through a Brand Label Marketing strategy. A four-point program is set out on this webpage:

1. All educators both formal and informal are educators for world peace.
2. All educators for world peace will shift buying habits of individuals, organizations, institutions and Nation States to support the 1% Solution.
3. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) will be referred to as Greenwich Peace Time (GPT) as a Symbol of World Peace.
4. All governments will be encouraged to set aside 1% of military budgets to establish a Department of Peace. (endorsed by Dennis Kucinich - Democratic dandidate in the US) Coincidental with the development of the business participatory component is a new classification for accountant - Global Accountant.

Dr. Charles Mercieca appears at the bottom of the website.

Willard Van De Bogart has posted a paper at Earth Portals titled "A Global Economy for the Benefit of the World Community" by Hans Jecklin. The paper claims that "responsibility of the economy towards environment and society has to be channeled into the policies of a global governance." There is heavy emphasis on evolution. He cites Rudolf Steiner and Teilhard de Chardin as authority figures.

His claims "A global order is vital, too, protecting behaviour that benefits the community and drawing the line at behaviour that harms it", though he does not spell out what that behaviour might be. There is a reference to "the connection between spirituality and global responsibility."

The Home Planet website "Supporting a Culture of Peace" links the "Madrid Documents for A Culture of Peace. Clicking the link brings you to this website. There you can read:

The Foundation for A Culture of Peace, at its first Conference in Spain, December 11-13, 2000 developed a document the Declaration of Madrid for the Culture of Peace. This document represents the first steps in proposing a formalization for the Culture of Peace. Included is a concept for four contracts-- social, environmental, ethical, and cultural. The following process for the development of a Culture of Peace was presented and endorsed.

The actualizing of a common vision and process for empowering youth, women, seniors, people living in poverty, and to include the people living in wealth - we include all of the 6 billion of our family. Three meaningful words to integrate: Globality, Accountability, and Spirituality.

A 6-point program is being spelled out that proposed using the "City Mayor Program", bringing this down to the grassroots level. Is this the IAEWP program in the development stages in a website I recently linked that involved the Association of Global New Thought and the Club of Rome? Is this somehow related to the Club of Madrid and the Alliance of Civilizations? I have not yet succeeded in finding out.


The following excerpt comes from a letter written by Mitchell L. Gold, IAEWP General Secretariat and Executive Director of Homeplanet Alliance which is directly operated by IAEWP. The letter is addressed to John Fraser, Ambassador for the Environment:

A second matter comes to mind that arose out of last nights discussion, and one that also may have great significance. That is in regard to the question posed by Dr. Inge Bolin of Malaspina University. She asked what the College could do in the process of education that would directly affect sustainability. As you may recall, when I stepped in to complete your answer, and I pointed out in my response to her question, the validity of Global Education and World Core Curriculum concepts in this regard. I would ask you to query CIDA as to the possibility of reinstating the Global Education Programs that shut down two years ago. This request appears to be mandated both by your job description as well as a possible solution to some problems you have identified with public information and understanding.

While this may seem to be counterproductive to my own self-interest, as our programs - on the internet - are attempting to fill that void in the marketplace - It is for the sake of the greater good that I make this proposal to you.

I should like you to be aware of the history of the World Core Curriculum that was first enunciated by Robert Muller. It was 1972 in British Columbia when he heard the difficulties encountered in the Canadian education system that Robert had his great "ahaa" with regards to his program. He said - "You have these difficulties in Canada, imagine how difficult it must be at the United Nations?" And no truer words have ever been spoken. People that heard him speak after that have built education programs around that message, and our website contains synthesized versions from the leaders in the field.
(Bolding mine)


For those who doubt that those who seek global governance are ready to exploit crises to obtain their aim, I offer this recent quote from Business Week magazine.

Source: Michael Mandel, "Can Anyone Steer This Economy," Business Week, November 20, 2006, p. 60.

Quote (with bold type added by me):

"But what's needed is a new Big Idea for economic policy - or two or three competing Big Ideas - that accounts for the verities of the global economy. ...

Finally, a Big Big Idea - probably too big to even consider right now - would be the creation of global institutions for governing the world economy.
History tells us that market economies are prone to financial crises, to which the only solution is a strong central bank. During the Asian financial crisis of the 1990s, for example, the Fed played that role.

But with the explosive growth of China and India, that sort of role for the Fed is no longer feasible, and no new institution has arisen to take its place. As former Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin, now a top official at Citigroup recently said, 'There's no policy mechanism for bringing together the countries that really matter in the global economy.' The best solution would be some sort of global central bank with real powers - but that's not going to happen until there's a big enough financial crisis to truly scare people."

[Mandel's entire article is on pp, 56-62, and it is the feature story on the magazine cover. I am not providing a link, since I am working from a hard copy.]

To read more about global governance and its proponents, go here:


for excerpts from my book about the interfaith movement, the New Age movement, and globalism.


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Re his second argument about "incomplete or interrupted motherhood", it's not as though the Blessed Virgin conceived Jesus in the conventional way. Someone should tell him how it's done!

And they wonder why Catholics are poorly catechized...


I was just outside to chase a squirrel out of the bird feeder and realized that it was nearly warm enough to be out there without a coat. On January 4. In Ohio. Garage thermometer says nearly 50 deg. According to the news last night we did hit 50 yesterday.

Of course the Sun has disappeared again. It came out yesterday just to taunt us. We had rain for Christmas and New Years.

I suppose I shouldn't also mention that the sky has been full of chemtrails recently.

No, I don't believe this has anything to do with global warming.


he calls "Good Morning World."

He mentions the Alliance of Civilizations in the entry GMW #864 Resolving the Fundamental Global Issues - Climate, Population


The Executive Board Members list of IAEWP shows Willard Van De Bogart as the Public Relations Director.

It is unlikely that one would select as the crafter of an organization's public image someone whose philosophy differs radically from that of the founder and president of the organization. For that reason I am offering a close look at Van De Bogart.

He introduces himself on his webpage at Earth Portals, and describes his work for IAEWP this way:

To continue this legacy of peace education the IAEWP now has a presence on the internet. The url is: http://www.earthportals.com/Portal_Messenger/mercieca.html
With this web site presence, the IAEWP can now offer an outlet for ideas that can foster global peace through the utilization of the internet. Perhaps we can now find new ways to link ideas and encourage those ideas to be implemented by grass root action groups as well as auspicious world leaders.

Never before has there been a time in human history where human actions and behaviors are threating (sic) the safety and livelihood of its global citizens. Likewise, there has never been a tool in human history like the intenet, that we know of, that has the potential to communicate to all Earth citizens so immediately and so effectively as the internet is capable of doing.

In the picture at the website he appears to be waving. That hand signal has turned up before. Does anyone remember its meaning? Is that Spock's signal from the Starship Enterprise?

Earth Portals, a massive database, is Bogart's creation. Portal Messenger, the realm of the database that carries Mercieca's webpages, offers a Pandora's box of spirituality, presenting "those individuals who are offering new visions to help us explore our imagination, and provide us with roadmaps and metaphors in a never ending expanding cosmos." Among them are Jose Arguelles, Zecharia Sitchin, and Dan Winter. Are "metaphors" what we need to help us to better understand each other as our globe shrinks, or should we be seeking truth?

At the Peace Portal, another subordinate database of Portal Messenger, IAEWP is linked along with the World Summit on Peace, Freedom and Time, the Internet Peace Initiative, the Association for a Global Peace Conference, the State of the World Forum, and more.

To get a better picture of the size of the database, take a look at the Earth Portals Index:

Here where all of the links are listed, and

Here where there is an overview of the five main portal sections which includes the Portal Messenger in the fourth slot. Notice the "Spirit Path" link below the five portals. Clicking that link takes you to the webpage "Follow the Spirit Path" where the first link will arrive at "Inter-dimensional Time Tunnel: A personal mythology of Willard Van De Bogart." According to his statement:

The idea of using metaphors became the foundation of Earth Portals...[which was launched] on July 21st, 1995...

Earth Portals thus became, in my mind, an interdimensional time tunnel incorporating the mysteries from many of the ancient cosmologies, and the current mythologies we entertain in the early 21st century. Earth Portals as a web site also became an outlet for the expression of other minds seeking answers--and solutions to make our condition on Earth more like a heaven under the starry vault of the night sky. Much of my own identity became intertwined in this web site...

Having accepted my own mythology, I was able to find other minds participating on the internet who were also sensitive to this mythology.

Let's follow the spirit path, shall we...?

"The Mind in the Universe" gives us...

* United Nations Genesis II - the universe as a giant video game
* Gnostic Judas - offers the Gnostic Gospels
* Scientific Pantheism - gets you in touch with Pantheist resources for the new religion
* Intelligent Infinity - seems to be a broken link but at one time featured the ideas of, among others, Djwhal Khul, Alice Bailey's spook
* Harmonic Continuum - is a blog
* The Virgin Mary - promotes Franciscan Roman Catholic writings about Our Lady as Mediatrix
* The Cosmic Mysteries of Mithras - 7 pages of David Ulansey's alchemy links...the Church of the SubGenius is one of the links which means that the Discordians are part of this picture
* Zen Readings - Zen Buddhism links provided by Ben Walter

The spirit path is multi-religious. This, I presume, is a taste of the One World Religion. Just make sure you don't believe that any of them are absolute truth.

"The Heart in the Universe" provides links to various perspectives on the Rosicrucian heart doctrine

"Emerging in the Universe" and "Captain of the Ether Ship Speaks" - these two links are joined. Here one steps off the plane of sanity into the formless space of UFOs. Is it real, or is it sci-fi? Or is it both?

"Dakota Sioux Holy Man Speaks" is Native American spirituality.

"Alien Space Ships Peace Armada" - the kind of stuff usually labeled here in my blog as "News from Planet Zircon".

"Messages from Beyond" Coop Cosmo Yes, it really is the name of an Italian organization which disseminates "messages" from Ashtar channeled by Anna Federighi.

If you want more on the messages from beyond, go to Portal Ether Ship and take a journey with Timothy Leary and Terence McKenna.

More Coop Cosmos can be found here.

Willard Van De Bogart's Resume is online here. His specialization is teaching English as a second language and computer consulting, and he has worked with universities. He is also an expert in E-business. Another bio can be found in the Earth Portals Messenger database. His family history is located here.

Van De Bogart lists his current address as ELS Language Center, Dominican University of California, 50 Acacia Ave., San Rafael, California 94901. I searched the Dominican University of California website for his name among the faculty, but it is not there.

How has Charles Mercieca, a man with influence at the United Nations, kept his credibility and the credibility of IAEWP with such a bizarre Public Relations Director? Or is it that we are looking here at the spiritual direction of the United Nations?

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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Recently Constance Cumbey was interviewed by Tamar Yonah at Israel National Radio, discussing the Alliance of Civilizations. The program included a call-in. One caller discussed Lee Penn's book briefly.

If you want to hear the interview, go here and click the link for "Global Attempts to Form a One-World Religion" in the Tamar Yonah "Daily Shows Archive" section of the website.


The Accreditation & Recognitions website of Romano Byzantine College in Fairfax Virginia, lists the International Association of Educators for World Peace on its Accreditation webpage.


Association of World Citizens (AWC)
Dr. Charles Mercieca, Vice President

Honorary President - Dr. Robert Muller - Supporter of United Religions

Initiative (URI)
President - Douglas Mattern - Advisor IAEWP
Vice President - Dr. Terrence Paupp - U.S. National Chancellor of Mercieca's IAEWP
Honorary Vice-President - Dr. Hong Tao Tze - Member Advisory Board IAEWP

AWC and IAEWP, together with the Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL), held ajoint Conference, "Bringing War and Organized Violence to an End" at the University of San Francisco August 2-5, 2005

Both AWC and IAEWP support the "A Human Manifesto" which includes concerns about "uncontrolled increase in population" and the concept of "Individual citizenship to the world community" with the United Nations as the governing body.

Endorsers of A Human Manifesto include Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Fritjof Capra, President Jimmy Carter, Congressman Dennis Jucinich, Norman Lear, Walter Cronkite, Mario Cuomo, Paul Ehrlich, President Gerald R. Ford, Sayyed Hossein Nasr, Jane Goodall,Martin Sheen, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Elie Wiesel, Hazel Henderson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Rt. Rev. Bishop William Swing, Robert Muller, Ervin Laszlo, and more.

The Next Thousand Days
This is a program-proposal "in support of the campaign of the World Conference of Mayors entitled, The Campaign of the Cities for Nuclear Disarmament (from May of 2004 to December of 2005)". Whether the proposal was accepted or not I have not yet discovered. It is listed on the "Recent Events" page of the IAEWP website.

Co-sponsors of the program proposal, among others, included the Association of Global New Thought and The Club of Rome.

The program-proposal "was authored on behalf of the [co-sponsors] by Professor Terrence E. Paupp, National Chancellor of the United States for: The International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP)." according to the website.

Among other things this program addresses the need to restore U.N. integrity, seeks to bring countries with large nuclear arsenals under the control of all nations, proposes a new style of "global inclusionary government", supports the International Criminal Court, opposes the Patriot Act, seeks to establish a Reparations Trust Fund to repair damage caused by slavery, and proposes to establish methods to give preference to countries "left behind."

Americans by Choice Educational Program

A program of the World Health Foundation for Development and Peace, Dr. Carlos Warter, M.D. Warter is focused more on spiritual than physical health as his website demonstrates. His Heartnet International program is Rosicrucian heart doctrine without the Rosicrucian name. Endorsers of his Americans by Choice Educational Program include Charles Mercieca; Robert Muller; and Raimon Pannikar, formerly of Opus Dei, among others. His list of International Advisers includes Shirley MacLain. Mrcieca, Muller, and Pannikar are also listed on this webpage.

Warter offers a video titled "Sacred Sexuality, Enlightenment, Shamanism" described as "One of the leading organization exploring Enlightenment, in all its forms present The International Conferences for Enlightenment and Sacred Sexuality." Apparently the video can be viewed online, though I did not watch it.

ChildCare-Rai Foundation

ChildCare-Rai was founded by Club of Budapest member David Ong and Dr. Vinay Rai, Founder and Chairman of Rai Foundation and Rai University, a grouping of private colleges in India. In addition to Dr. Charles Mercieca, membershp of ChildCare-Rai includes Club of Budapest members Dr. Jane Goodall, Riane Eisler, Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Paulo Coelho, Bibi Russell, Dr. Luciano Donatelli, Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris, Hazel Henderson, Dr. Karan Singh.

Other noteworthy members of the International Advisory Board of ChildCare-Rai include Bawa Jain, Hon. Douglas Roche, O.C., Julia Marton-Lefevre, Marilyn Tam, Paul R. Ehrlich, Honourable Maurice F. Strong.

Listed among the "Global Alliances" of ChilcCare-Rai are The Club of Budapest and the Club of Rome, and the International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP).

Everyone's Aquinas

Fr. Matthias Lu has written to Charles Mercieca his approval of the Earth's Charter saying:

Hopefully, an earth charter will serve as a model for future interplanetary charters, until the final Universe Charter is achieved. Science and technology with Divine Faith in God the Father will accelerate its coming, the Advent of the New Heaven and New Earth. I am happy to join you and all of your friends in this joyful hope.

A link to the website appears on Fr. Lu's website in his list of articles.

Fr. Lu's Curriculum Vitae indicates he is Chinese and knowledgable of the Chinese Catholic Church. He is also an expert on Thomas Aquinas. Note under the heading "Consultant and Researcher" that he is "Vice-Chairman of Special Consultants, IAEWP, Intrntnl Assn. of Educators for World Peace". His article about the Chinese martyrs can be read at the EWTN website.

Vermont Peace Academy

Dr. Mercieca and Betty Williams are both on the Advisory Committee. Williams is a member of the Club of Budapest. Audrey Kitagawa, also on the list, is Advisor to the Office for Children and Armed Conflict at the United Nations.

Dr. Mercieca moves in some interesting and elite circles.

He also has a very strange friend who deserves a separate post.

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* Republicans are the devil's instruments

* The ideal government is global

* A Marian theocracy is the last hope for the world

* Immediate nuclear disarmament is necessary to avert worldwide disaster

* Cuba provides a model of government that serves the people as opposed to the U.S. government that serves the politicians and big business

* Capitalism opposes Christianity

He promotes the Earth Charter.

By his membership on the Board of Advisors, he endorses Jacqueline Ripstein's HuManIsm Movement. Presumably Mercieca approves of Ripstein's artwork, the most famous of which is a painting of Our Lady of Medjugorje, an image promoted by Neo-Cathar and former Roman Catholic James Twyman and disobedient Croatian Franciscan Fr. Jozo Zovko, who is the spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic Medjugorje visionaries. Ripstein's second most famous painting features two naked lovers in a sexual embrace, which under blacklight reveals that the male lover is an angel, hinting at the alchemical wedding.

Merceica also promotes a Russian Archbishop who founded the Catholic Orthodox Church of Russia, and who works with a Canadian former Episcopal priest Fr. John Rossner and the priest's wife who is a working medium.

On the Archbishop's website is an essay by Judith Mann titled "The Legend of The Cathars". Also on this same website are Merceica's essays:

* "Mary's Role in Uniting Eastern Orthodox and Western Catholic Churches"

* "Ways of Dialogue Between the Mother of God Church and the Russian Orthodox Church"

* "Marian Peaceful Theocracy as a New Type of Social Formation"

As bizarre as all of this is, Merceica has supporters. According to his bio (at the bottom of the website), he has taught in Russian, Korean, and El Salvadoran Universities as well as Harvard. He is the Honorary President of a Swiss Business School.

He also has important connections which I will put in a separate post.


Sunday, December 31, 2006


Just in case he might have been too credible in the articles and statements I've already posted, Merceica has another political commentary about the Republicans and the Democrats that I think takes demagoguery to a new level. this one is about how Lucifer has influenced American clergymen to vote Republican. Are you ready?

...the devil succeeds to use the American clergymen to misguide the American people and to lead them most assuredly on the road to Armageddon through crucial and endless suffering. The strength of the Democratic Party lies in its agenda, which tends to put priority in expenditure on the health care and education of the American people.

The Democratic Party also puts top priority on the protection of the environment from air and water pollution, which is causing unnecessarily the death of some two million Americans every year. Besides, the Democratic Party is more effective in providing jobs with adequate pay for the nation's people and for protecting the middle class and the poor from paying excessive taxes. The strength of the Republican Party does not lie in its agenda but merely in the means it adopts to control the American people who are basically good, trusting and kind-hearted people.

Some means is so pleasing to the American clergymen that they virtually become hypnotized and obsessed to the point of not seeing, in any way whatsoever, the human tragedies that stem from the agenda of the Republican Party, which are causing the misery and death of countless millions of innocent people every year on a global scale. The good means adopted by the Republican Party to bring clergymen under full control lies in the its [sic] philosophical stand on the following items: (a) abortion, which is viewed as murder, (b) public prayer, which is viewed as a human right, (c) giving of vouchers to church related schools to help financially students who may want to go there, and (d) safeguard of traditional marriage, which prohibits gay marriages. ...

It is obvious that the agenda of the Democratic Party, in terms of priorities, is infinitely superior to that of the Republican Party as far as the needs and welfare of the American people are concerned. Yet, the philosophical means adopted to supposedly attract voters and gain power are conspicuously defective because they go against the law of nature. Consequently, the American clergymen feel quite alienated.

Several paragraphs further along...

...the devil, disguised as the Holy Spirit, works through American clergymen to cause surmountable pain everywhere.

And finally near the end...

The devil needs to be commended for his ability to squeeze the balls of American clergymen; he has succeeded to recruit them as his perfect agents of death without their being aware of it.

Apparently in his mind Hades and the Republican Party are one and the same thing.

This screed is dated May 24, 2004.

Someone gave this man a doctorate. People at the United Nations listen to him. Lord have mercy!!


Technically speaking, there is plenty of money but Republicans cut it off from the vital needs of the people to pass it for the manufacture and sales of war material. And since peace is viewed as the mortal enemy of the financial interests of several U.S. big corporations, then Republicans must make sure that there will be always agitations, struggles and wars till the end of time if that were to be possible. All of what has been stated has been in preparation to make us realize and understand why Republicans are against abortion. Of course, there may be several reasons but, for all practical purposes, we may simple pick up the two that are more dominant:

(1) To keep the clergy under their full control in a way that such churchmen would not dream to ever criticize Republican war policies, and (2) To have enough manpower to spread it all over the world across every continent and across every ocean to take by force what the U.S. government cannot take through peaceful diplomatic means. Is there anyone in the world that would expect a devastating war to take place in Antarctica? The answer is a qualitative “no” simply because there are virtually no people there except for a few scientists. In other words, the presence of people is a pre-requisite for war.

If Republicans want to have a “strong” military to wage devastating wars, the “number” of those serving in the military is of paramount importance. The military machineries that U.S. Big corporations manufacture may be viewed by Republicans in particular as meaningless and wasteful unless we have military men and women trained to use them. In demonstrating opposition to abortion, Republicans are achieving two objectives: (1) Securing the moral support of the clergy who, in turn, try to influence and even oblige their congregations to vote Republican, and (2) Increasing the size of the population so as to make sure that there will be enough soldiers later fully equipped and trained to destroy the infrastructure of nations, and kill people in tens of thousands indefinitely.

To this end, the Republican slogan may run as follows when it comes to abortion: “Save the child now and let it be killed later after it was trained to kill others mercilessly.” Republicans will continue to adopt the deceitful and ambiguous policy of “respect for life from the first moment of conception” only until the clergy begins to see clearly the real intent and purpose of the Republican agenda. Most U.S. clergymen seem to remain totally silent when it comes to wars waged by Republicans, while quite a few merely pray passively with their congregation that “people will learn to respect human life from conception to natural death.”

Remember, this man leads a worldwide peace movement that has NGO status at the U.N.

Doesn't that make you sleep better tonight?


This time he speaks as a guest columnist for the Seoul Times. He cites John Paul II twice.

I think this opinion piece roughly sets out his agenda.


Economics is not the only field in which this philosopher attempts to speak with authority. Check out the "Questions that News Reporters Should Ask the American President". And check out the subjects on which he writes in the links on the right of the website. Do you suppose he's working for the Democrats? Or is he just anti-USA? Whatever, this man is heart and soul a globalist.

I was trying to find his stance on abortion when this website turned up. Abortion is mentioned in question 7:

7. Why do self proclaimed pro-life politicians view the life’s termination of the pre-born as murder while they view the life’s termination of thousands of innocent people massacred brutally in Iraq as patriotism instead of murder?

Basis of the Question: In the USA most fundamentalist clergymen are very vocal in condemning the death of the innocent pre-born through abortion. Ironically, they remain completely silent when it comes to the condemning of atrocious war actions that lead to the brutal massacre of thousands and millions of innocent post-born with military ammunitions procured mostly by the USA. Some of these clergymen explain that killing through abortion is always an intrinsic evil. Then they add saying that since there are circumstances that war could be justified, the consequent massacre of tens of thousands and even millions of innocent people may not be necessarily viewed as intrinsic evil!

He glosses over the basic distinction between innocent life and sinful life, and he is smart enough to know the difference. Does this speak of an agenda?

Take a look at what he has to say about Cuba in No. 3:

3. Cuba has become one of the most peaceful and progressive nations in the world. Why does the USA continue with its embargo against Cuba and the prohibition of Americans to visit this great island nation?

Basis of the Question: If it is true that a tree is judged by the fruit it gives, then we have to judge the Cuban government not by what the USA says, but by the actions such a government performed in the best interest of its people. Cuba’s President Fidel Castro was instrumental: a) in virtually eliminating illiteracy from his nation, b) in providing free education to all Cubans from the cradle to the grave, including the university level, c) in providing more medical doctors to developing nations to work there gratis than any other nation on earth, d) in furnishing the homeless with modest shelters, and e) in allowing all Cubans to have free medical attention, hospitalization, and prescription drugs.

Communist apologetics? Maybe the reporter could ask the President why the Cubans all want to come to Miami, hmmm?

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