Monday, July 23, 2007


Reminiscent of Catholic Apostolic Succession, occultist Mary K. Hayden displays her lineage on her website. Two steps back is the name Kathleen Ann Milner.

Milner is a worldwide teacher of Reiki, Shamanic experience, healing, Tera Mai Seichem, and something else I have not seen associated with Wiccans until now--Enochian magic attunement.

Enochian is the language of the angels according to occultist John Dee, who worked with Edward Kelly, the medium who did the actual speaking with the angels. It is described in detail at this Golden Dawn website. The website discusses the disagreement about it's safety. Occultist Paul Foster Case believed it is "volatile and dangerous". Its association with Kabbalah, or Qabalah, is openly acknowledged.

If a Catholic nun offers to perform Reiki over you, be aware of what she is messing around with!

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