Monday, April 06, 2009


It is with heavy hearts that my father, Aunt Carol and I write this. Over the last several days, Carrie's health had been declining. Yesterday (Sunday), Carrie's family surrounded her; she was aware of their presence and they were able to say goodbye and to her tell her it was OK to let go. Today (Monday), Carrie was resting peacefully and at about 2:20 pm, God called her home. She took her last breaths in the presence of my father and Aunt Carol.

The expressions of sincere and heartfelt encouragment and prayers from everyone, including those she had strenous differences of opinion with, have provided great comfort and strength to Carrie and her family. Her blog gave her a great sense of purpose and fulfillment; she enjoyed corresponding with the people she encountered here.

Thank you for your readership and she appreciated your support over the years. We are sure Carrie is looking down on all of us now and smiling. She might even be asking The All Knowing about some of "the non-sense" in the church. Please remember her in your prayers on Easter Sunday. Tennatively, the funeral is planned for Tues, April 14.

The next week will most likely be hectic for all of us. If there is a desire to communicate, you can do it through my father at paul1204@sbcglobal.net.

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