Monday, March 23, 2009


This is Carrie's daughter. She is no longer able to put up posts herself but wanted to update everyone on her situation.

Since my mom's last post everyday tasks have become more and more challenging. On the 9th, she was walking while hanging onto her bed when she blacked out and fell. Thankfully she didn't break anything! Shortly afterwards, she decided to enroll in a palliative care program and hospice. It seems there are no more drugs to use to fight her type of cancer. Now the goal is to make her quality of life as good as possible. Unfortunately, since the fall she has become bed ridden and her prognosis has changed. Before she was given 2-7 months to live; however, in the last 2 weeks that changed, the new prognosis is weeks to months. I am sorry to say that in the last several weeks there is a very visible decline in her physical abilities. She also says she's dizzy and sees 2 of things. Thankfully she doesn't feel any pain, hospice is doing an excellent job of making sure she is comfortable.

She is currently in the hospital for a minor complication from a cathedar. Hopefully she will be back home soon.

Thank you for your loyalty and concern in checking this message board. I am sorry it has been so long since you have gotten an update, I check the board often and let her know what you say. Unfortunately she can't remember how to log in to things anymore so it's taken me a while to figure this out. I will put updates on this board as they come and will read your posts to her.

God bless you all, you've done more for her than you'll ever know!

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