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from the back cover of the current Culture Wars" magazine:

The year 2008 wasn't a good year for Medjugorje. In May 2008, his excellency Andrea Gemma, bishop emeritus of the diocese if Isernia-Venafro northeast of Rome and one of Italy's best known exorcists, announced in the Italian Catholic internet newsletter Petrus that the Catholic Church had officially stated that the Blessed Mother had never appeared in Medjugorje and that entire operation was the "work of the devil." When asked to be more specific about the interests motivating involvement in Medjugorje, the bishop declared, "I'm referring to the devil's shit, money."

Bisop Gemma claimed that the seers who claimed to be in contact with the Blessed Mother were in reality inspired by Satan, and him alone, to spread unrest and confusion among the faithful. "Think of the disobedience which they have promoted in the Church. Their spiritual advisor, a Franciscan who was expelled from his order and suspended from his priestly faculties, continues to confect invalid sacraments." The fact that many priests from around the world continue to lead pilgrimages there is "a disgrace," the bishop added. The phony seers and their assistants make money hand over fist, while at the same time the devil creates dissension between the faithful and the Church."

Gemma dismissed the objection that the Holy See had never issued a pronouncement on Medjugorje as "one more lie." Rome has always endorsed the view of the Bishop of Mostar that Medjugorje was a "diabolical deception."

Here is information on the Diocesan website, including a listing for Bishop Gemma.

Here is an article listing Bishop Gemma as one member of a team of exorcists who are teaching the Vatican course on exorcism.

Here is the St. John Valdosta blog covering the Bishop's announcement last summer.

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