Sunday, January 18, 2009


It's very cold and snowey here today. I've been having trouble with bone pain that shifts around from this bone to that one and makes me somewhat unsteady on my feet. Cold makes it worse. It was a day for a shut-in Mass. Checking the schedule for EWTN included a 12:00 Mass, so I arranged my activities around it. Turned it on at 11:58. There was a program opposing abortion on EWTN. Thought it would possibly end at noon. No such luck. The schedule line-up said it would be a Mass for shut-ins. My husband has just called down at 12:37 to tell me that Mass is still not on. Why?

Abortion is an important topic. Mass for shut-ins is more important. Why has the Mass been bumped, and what misguided do-gooder decided to bump it?

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