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Human Life International e-Newsletter
Volume 04, Number 05 | Friday, January 23, 2009


President Obama Unleashes the Abortion Demon on the World's Poor

Dear Friends of Life,

Millions of death warrants have just been signed, sealed and delivered over to the world's powerful abortion lobby.

Please click here to send an emergency contribution that HLI will use to fight the abortion demon and uproot the culture of death around the world.

True to his word, President Obama has undone the "Mexico City policy" that kept your tax dollars from funding organizations that promote abortion around the world. This policy has protected the poor and oppressed of the world - especially those living in Third World countries - for the past eight years. Now that protection is gone!

Not surprisingly, pro-abortion extremists reacted to the news with glee. Their hypocrisy was more evident than normal. For example:

* Gill Greer of the International Planned Parenthood Federation said: "For eight long years the global gag rule has been used by the Bush administration to play politics with the lives of poor women across the world. In rescinding this disastrous and unjust policy, President Obama has returned the United States to the international consensus on women's health."

* His partner in crime, Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America reacted this way: "With the stroke of a pen, President Obama has lifted the stranglehold on women's health across the globe. With President Obama, women in the U.S. and around the world have a president who puts protecting and strengthening women's health first."

If anyone is "playing politics with the lives of poor women across the world" it's heralds of the culture of death like Greer and Richards and Obama and Hillary Clinton. They have no intention of "protecting and strengthening women's health" as Richards falsely claims. Rather their goal is nothing less than to expand their power and impose abortion on the innocent and defenseless of the world.

As members of the Church Militant we must not let them succeed! The people of life must rise up and fight the malevolent abortion demon!

I have sent you this urgent issue of Spirit & Life because the international pro-life resistance movement is in a state of extreme crisis! It is up to us - the people of life - to unite in SOLIDARITY and protect our brothers and sisters in Christ who are about to undergo an abortion jihad the likes of which the world has never seen.

Of this much I can assure you:

Neither I nor any of our pro-life missionaries will abandon the world's innocent to those who seek to impose the evil of abortion on them.

But we cannot do this alone. We desperately need your immediate help, both your prayers and your financial support.

Please click here to rush HLI your contribution so we can protect millions of innocent men, women and children from the Obama-imposed abortion jihad!

Your help is urgently needed because there is no way HLI can match the financial might of the United States government. It is too vast and too powerful.

However, HLI is more than a match for the leaders of the pro-abortion movement because we have two things going for us that our enemies will never have; namely, God's TRUTH and LOVE.

Click here to send an emergency contribution that HLI will use to defend our beleaguered brothers and sisters in Christ! The abortion demon has been unleashed on them and they are looking to us to protect them.

Your dollars are critically needed so that HLI's pro-life missionaries can ...

* recruit more freedom fighters into the world's pro-life resistance movement

* conduct critically needed pro-life training sessions for seminarians

* equip local pro-life leaders with the materials needed to protect their people

* organize local conferences to implement effective pro-life strategies

*publish fact-filled books and pamphlets

* arm the people with fully-documented proof that refutes the abortion lie

* convene prayer congresses and vigils

* research, write and distribute "Pro-life Talking Points"

As you consider how much to send today, remember this: The people NEVER ask for abortion. It is always imposed on them by elitists like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Gill Greer and Cecile Richards and others of their ilk.

Standing up to them and fighting to protect the people are our HLI pro-life missionaries: Dr. Rene Bullecer (Philippines) ... Emil Hagamu (Anglophone Africa) ... George Wirnkar (Francophone Africa) ... Fr. Raphael Wanjohi (Kenya) ... Magaly Llaguno (Latin America) ... Dr. Humberto Vieira (Brazil) ... Anton Lisec (Croatia) ... Fr. Emmanuel Effah (Ghana) ... Milagres Pereira (India) ... Bob Phiri (Zimbabwe) ... Dr. Rafael Cabrera (Nicaragua) ... Ewa and Lech Kowalewski (Poland) ... Dr. Ligaya Acosta (Asia) ... Fr. Robertas Skrinskas (Lithuania) ... Gloria Grifo de Rodriguez (Panama) ... and hundreds more.

To a person these are true pro-life champions! They are giving the last full measure of devotion to the innocent unborn of the world. Please help them! President Obama's abortion jihad against the poor, the oppressed and the unborn has already begun.

Click here to rush HLI the largest gift you can so that we can protect and defend the sanctity of human life around the world!

Thank you. God bless you. And please pray without unceasing! Invoke the divine intercession of St. Michael the Archangel. He is our surest defense against the wickedness and snares of the abortion demon.

In Christ and Our Lady,

Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer,
President, Human Life International

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