Thursday, December 11, 2008


If he does, it just might be the catalyst that reunites the church.

New York Post columnist Ray Kerrison comments:

The bishops have had it. They're moving into the trenches, which is most uncharacteristic of them. Said Catholic commentator, Christopher Manion: "The Baltimore meeting could be historic. We saw the rumblings of the giant stirring from his slumber."

Largely unspoken but lurking like a storm cloud over the discussions was the dread prospect of excommunication.

The American hierarchy has been sharply split for years over what to do with high-profile politicians who campaign on their Catholicism but support abortion policies contrary to church teaching. Everyone knows the culprits: Vice President-elect Joe Biden; House Speaker Nancy Pelosi; Sens. Ted Kennedy, Chris Dodd and Pat Leahy; Rep. Charlie Rangel, and many, many more.

But if FOCA becomes law, the Catholic politicians who vote "aye" or otherwise help pass it risk the ultimate penalty of the church.

Asked whether politicians voting for FOCA would incur automatic excommunication, Cardinal George refused to rule it out, saying: "The excommunication is automatic if that act is in fact formal cooperation and that is precisely what would have to be discussed once you see the terms of the act itself."

Put plainly, Catholic politicians can't "cooperate in evil" and escape penalty.

It is hard to imagine that an incoming president would declare war on the church, especially when 54 percent of its faithful voted for him. But he is convinced that a federal abortion law will end the national divisive debate over the practice. In fact, it will do the opposite.

Obama can't say he hasn't been warned. If he pulls the trigger here, the repercussions will be ugly.

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