Tuesday, December 02, 2008


The following was in my emailbox this morning from Randy Engel:

USCL Press Release

From: U.S. Coalition for Life
To: International Pro-Life Community
Date: Monday, December 1, 2008
Subject: USCL Opens 35 Years of Pro-Life Archives to Public at www.uscl.info.

Dear Friend of Life,

Export, PA. The United States Coalition for Life announced today it is opening up its vast pro-life archives to the public.

Established in 1972, the Pennsylvania-based USCL is the oldest pro-life research organization in the United States . Its research files span more than 35 years and cover all areas of pro-life concerns, which includes population control, abortion, contraception, eugenics, sterilization, euthanasia, vital organ transplantation, homosexuality, classroom sex instruction, and fetal experimentation.

According to USCL Director, Randy Engel, many of the newly released documents are one-of-a-kind and have previously not been available on the world-wide web. According to Engel, “Our archives will open up a new world of information to the next generation of pro-life advocates, and will remind veteran pro-lifers why they joined the battle in the first place.” “These priceless archives will also provide the international pro-life community with powerful ammunition to use in the world battle for LIFE,” she said.

“The current website www.uscl.info was initially made possible by two grants from anonymous donors,” said Engel, “but from now on, we will have to rely on the generosity of grassroots pro-lifers from around the world who make up the backbone of the Pro-Life Movement.” “We will be posting new articles as quickly as funds permit,” the USCL Director said.

Featured among the new USCL postings are:

· Los Super Machos, a blasphemous parody of the Virgin Birth. The anti-life publication carrying the parody was funded by the United States Agency for International Development.

· The famous 1969 Memorandum from Bernard Berelson of the Rockefeller Population Council to Planned Parenthood Vice-President Frederick S. Jaffe citing various means of population control including increased homosexuality and stock certificate type permits for children.

· “Role of Planned Parenthood in Abortion” in which Dr. George Langmyhr admits that abortion is always a necessary adjunct to any birth control program, and that abortion and abortion referrals were a part of Planned Parenthood’s program even before abortion became legal.

· Two major articles on the March of Dimes which document the agency’s long history of anti-life activities. “The March of Dimes Primer – the A-Z of Eugenic Abortion” is taken from the IFGR/Michael Fund website www.michaelfund.org. The Michael Fund is the pro-life alternative to the March of Dimes. The second selection is taken from The McHugh Chronicles – Who Betrayed the Pro-Life Movement? This book documents the history of the rise of the March of Dimes in Catholic circles in the United States .

“The opening up of the USCL archives to the public also signals the return of the USCL to the pro-life scene,” said Engel, a 40-year veteran of the pro-life wars.

“We need to refocus public attention on the two major sources of anti-life tax funding by the federal government – Title X of the Family Planning and Population Services Act and Title X of the Foreign Assistance Act, without which the Anti-Life Movement would dry up tomorrow,” Engel concluded.


Contact Information:

Randy Engel, Director
Box 315 ,
Export , PA 15632
e-mail – randy.engel@uscl.info

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