Friday, December 26, 2008


New assaults on the Christian faith appear every day, and one has to put up new emotional walls of defense against the onslaught, because there is no indication that it is waning.

The hardest assault to overcome is the one taking place within Catholic churches, aided and abetted by once-trusted pastors...the near-blasphemous Masses that have been reported, the deviations from the rubrics, the nuns embracing earth worship, the priestly sexual abuse that seems to be ongoing.

This new wrinkle has me grasping my faith for dear life. BBC News reports:

Elaborate cribs with figurines enacting the nativity decorate most Catholic churches in Italy at this time of year.

A priest at a Genoa church put a mosque and minaret in his crib, while a crib at a Venice school also had a mosque....

...a senior church figure said there are no firm rules on what can be included.

Does that mean Satan is a welcome figure there? If not, what rule excludes him? If we must rely on a Catholic sensibility to exclude the enemy of God in the manger scene, how is it that the Catholic sensibility can include a mosque? Or is it that the priest doesn't know the Bethlehem story? Maybe he slept through that seminary class.

The article closes with this hardly uplifting tidbit:

Italians love to adapt new forms to ancient traditions and there is a new family in many of the Christmas cribs produced in Naples.

America's new President-elect Barack Obama and his wife Michelle figure in many crib scenes being sold there.

Talk about turning the faith story upside down! The illegitimate Christ Child would have been aborted if Barak Obama had anything to say about it.

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