Wednesday, December 03, 2008


In a link from New Oxford Review, the Telegraph reports on the new desire for accommodation of other religions in Catholic schools:

A document issued by the Catholic Education Service said facilities for other faiths should be made available in all primary and secondary schools if possible.

Catholic schools in England and Wales should also consider adapting toilet facilities to accommodate ritual cleansing, the document said.

The guidance also said "respectful understanding" should be shown to pupils of other faiths who are withdrawn from or remain silent during Christian worship.

The advice - issued on behalf of the Catholic bishops of England and Wales – comes in response to new rules forcing all state schools to promote "community cohesion".

Schools must foster race relations and religious tolerance to stop communities becoming divided.

It followed a warning from the Commission for Racial Equality that Britain's segregated schools are "a ticking time bomb waiting to explode".

One can only ask Why? when the government schools already accommodate every faith. This would make of the Catholic school a redundancy.

Here in America public schools were founded to make of the next generation a melting pot of trained workers ready for the factories that were being erected. Now the Catholic school is poised to do the same thing across the pond? If it does, its very reason for existence will be gone.

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