Monday, November 17, 2008


From a link at New Oxford Review comes this story. WPBF.com Jensen Beach, Florida reports:

John Samuel Ricci was arrested Saturday after Father Marco de Leon said he tried to grab a handful of wafers, called hosts in Catholic vernacular, from him during communion services. Several parishioners held Ricci down until authorities arrived.

Two days earlier, another man was caught on a surveillance camera stealing the church's new book of prayers.

"There are satanic cults in the local area, and in order for a black mass to be properly conducted ritually, they need consecrated hosts," or religious items blessed by a priest, Moligano said.

Additionally, snakes were found outside of the church doors and appeared to be trying to obtain entrance. A live snake was also found curled around the handlebars of Ricci's bike that had been placed in storage.

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