Sunday, November 02, 2008


Did anyone speak forcefully about not voting for an abortion candidate at your Mass this weekend?

I'm thankful and happy to say that the pastor did at the Mass I attended, and there was also a Right to Life flyer in the pews. He noted that his statement was not a political statement, but rather it was a statement of the moral teaching of the Catholic faith that it is a sin to vote for a candidate who supports abortion when there is a candidate also running who does not support abortion. He also noted that certain other churches are welcome to make direct political statements in favor of political candidates without consequence, but the Catholic Church would immediately be singled out for doing so.

Nevertheless, knowing that Obama is rabidly pro-abortion, there was no doubt what he meant when he stated the Catholic moral teaching. Voting for Obama is a mortal sin that will condemn your soul to hell. It's that simple.

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