Saturday, November 29, 2008


Gift giving dilemma? Don't know what to give? Planned Parenthood has a solution for all those young people on your gift list--one that will guarantee you won't have an expanded gift list next year.

Give an abortion for Christmas. That's right. Now you can pick up a gift certificate for an abortion at Planned Parenthood, making the ultimate mockery of the holiday that celebrates the birth of a baby.

Just in case that's a little too over the top, you can suggest it be used for condoms or the morning after pill, both provided at your local Planned Parenthood center. One gift certificate covers all three.

If the hard cold facts are a little more than you care to contemplate in this season of love, here's a prettied up version of the same thing complete with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Oh, Santa, you are such a devil, you...


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