Friday, November 07, 2008


Seldom do I find confirmation of my opinions about Rome and the papacy. This time there would seem to be an exception.

Read John Allen's letter to Obama, and then read the comments. Commenters know 70 bishops and who knows how many faithful priests have been betrayed by this latest papal action and they are gleeful about it, even calling for the removal of those 70 bishops who stood up for the teachings of the Church. The papal congratulation has played directly into the hands of liberal Catholics, and they are making the most of it now that they have turned out to be the winners the pope is suddenly so eager to work with.

And now, in true papal vein, I should add "Praise God!", but I think I'll pass. Is it any wonder why Catholics are fleeing the Church when getting knifed in the back as the 70 bishops have been knifed by the response of the pope to their faithful stance? This is what the laity has been enduring for decades, but who expected the bishops who were faithful to the papal line to get it as well?

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