Thursday, October 16, 2008


Over at Threshing Grain you can read a portion of a bulletin from St. Joan of Arc parish in Minneapolis-St. Paul in which the pastor, Fr. Jim DeBruycker, complains about the blogs keeping track of what is going on at his parish and publishing the information:

Since I have come to St. Joan’s I have certainly seen the ‘Karl Roving’ of the Church. If you ever want to be disgusted, google St. Joan of Arc, but don’t go to our website, read the blogs about us. Julie Madden (Peace & Justice Ministries-my edit) is the only person I know with the stomach to do it on a regular basis. We are, in the world of ultra-conservative Catholicism, the evil incarnate. If a bad motive can be ascribed to anything we do, it is ascribed to us.

I seem to detect reaction to pressure in this complaint. If they were doing what they are supposed to be doing, they would have nothing to hide and thus nothing to complain about. They would be glad to have any Catholic see what they are up to. Obviously that is not the case, and the blogs are having an impact. Perhaps the new bishop of Minneapolis-St. Paul is as well!

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