Thursday, October 30, 2008


I don't know how to import a YouTube video to my blog. It hasn't mattered until now, but right now I wish I could.

The video can be viewed here it was made by Stephanie Block, a member of Catholic Media Coalition, and is a point blank exposition of the nefarious activities of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

I stopped contributing to CCHD and Catholic Charities in Cleveland several years ago when I discovered CCHD promoted abortion. But abortion is the tip of a nasty Catholic iceberg, as is explained in the video.

This needs to stop yesterday.

And Obama's association with the organizations CCHD funds should be a red flag waving before the eyes of every Catholic on the planet.

At Catholic Media Coalition there are a lot of articles about the dangers we are about to embrace in the coming election. Mary Ann Kreitzer's article "Picking Pockets in the Pew--the CCHD Scandal" is just one of them.

Meanwhile stupid Catholics all across America are supporting the Marxist in the presidential election most likely because they think he is going to help their pocketbook.

God have mercy on us!

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