Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Have you seen the YouTube video with that name about the financial meltdown and Obama's part in it?

It appears that the Obama campaign isn't happy about it according to an article at Free Republic, and has tried to suppress it.

"Burning Down the House: What Caused our Financial Crisis" is a video the Obama campaign does not want you to see.

The first YouTube posting of this video received over one million hits in less than five days.

It was removed by YouTube after a copyright complaint by Warner Music.
The second posting of this video has also now been removed from YouTube after receiving 100,000+ plays in one day

According to the Free Republic poster “This video has been mentioned by Glenn Beck, Mark Levine, Dick Morris, and was posted for a day on The Drudge Report.”

It's back online this morning with classical music replacing the former background music.

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