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Back and forth across the stage he paces, microphone in hand, promising a bright new future of change for America. His charisma causes us to overlook the fact that he never spells out what change he has in mind.

We need to ask the question, and we need to be sure we've gotten the answer. We know where he stands on partial birth abortion. But what other changes might this man promote once he gets into office?

Catholic News Agency offers us a clue:

Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama has promised to use the presidency as a “bully pulpit” for homosexual activism, according to an open letter released on his campaign website.

In the February 28 letter posted under the “LGBT” section of the “People” heading, Senator Obama said he would press for the passage of hate crime laws and a “fully inclusive” Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would outlaw discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

"As your President, I will use the bully pulpit to urge states to treat same-sex couples with full equality in their family and adoption laws," Obama said.

LifeSiteNews.com also reported on March 16, 2007 that Obama was an activist for homosexual causes:

U.S. Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama entered the media furor yesterday over comments General Peter Pace, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made against homosexuality last week, with both issuing statements saying, “I do not think homosexuality is immoral.”

Clinton and Obama made the statements after a homosexual activist group attacked “Democratic candidates” for failing to oppose General Pace’s comments that he believes homosexuality to be “immoral.” The general told the Chicago Tribune Monday, “I believe homosexual acts between two individuals are immoral and that we should not condone immoral acts.”

This is change, alright! But is it the change Americans are looking for? As Catholics, will we be subject to religious persecution because we believe homosexuality is immoral?

At Mass yesterday I heard a homily on the immorality of homosexuality. It was surprising that a priest was saying it. We know what the Church teaches, but that teaching has been spread mostly by the secular press and the Catholics in the pew. I don't recall ever hearing homosexuality labeled immoral from the pulpit before.

Perhaps there is more to this Obama commitment to homosexual activism than securing votes in the homosexual community. Back in February a story came out about Obama being engaged in homosexual activity. I say came out, but that is stretching it. I hadn't heard about it until this weekend. Have you heard?

World Net Daily reported the story on February 17, 2008:

The electrifying presidential campaign of Barack Obama faces a new challenge – a Minnesota man who claims he took cocaine in 1999 with the then-Illinois legislator and participated in homosexual acts with him.

When his story was ignored by the news media, Larry Sinclair made his case last month in a YouTube video, which has now been viewed more than a quarter-million times. And when it was still ignored by the media, Sinclair filed a suit in Minnesota District Court, alleging threats and intimidation by Obama's staff.

Sinclair, who says he is willing to submit to a polygraph test to validate his claims, will now get his chance – thanks to a website offering $10,000 for the right to record it and $100,000 to Sinclair if he passes.

"My motivation for making this public is my desire for a presidential candidate to be honest," Sinclair told WND by telephone. "I didn't want the sex thing to come out. But I think it is important for the candidate to be honest about his drug use as late as 1999."

Ok, but did he "inhale"? Was Sinclair wearing a blue dress? We've seen it before, just not quite as shocking as this one appears to be, given that the last round involved marijuana, not cocaine, and the blue dress was being worn by a woman.

WND has posted the legal paperwork outlining Sinclair's allegations on their website:

Defendants have and continue to conspire against the rights of citizens in that they are actively engaged in ongoing internet intimidation, claiming to be engaging in the conduction of illegal investigations into plaintiffs personal life, an (sic) actively involved in preventing allegations brought of illegal drug use and sexual activity involving Defendant Obama from becoming public knowledge.

Plaintiff states that he personally engaged in sexual activity and personally used illegal drugs in November 1999 with U.S. Senator Barak Obama on two separate ocassions (sic).

As if the Sinclair story isn't bad enough, the Citizen Wells website reports on May 11, 2008:

First there was Larry Sinclair's allegations that he and Obama did drugs and engaged in gay sex in Chicago in November, 1999.

Next came Lawrence Lessig and his use of a gay Jesus video in multiple seminars along with his proposal to blur the distinction between heterosexuals and gays.

Next we find out about the close ties to weathermen bomber William Ayers and his admission that he had sex with male friends.

Next we hear form a former Chicago restaurant chef about persistent rumors in the gay community that Obama was on the down low.

Now a video has just surfaced in which the reverend James Manning calls both Obama and Jeremiah Wright, closet homosexuals.

Do Larry Sinclair's allegations seem so far fetched now?

The video linked at the website has been deleted unfortunately. This one on youtube.com has not been removed. Is this what we can expect if we criticize President Obama--being led off in handcuffs?

Iowa Presidential Watch has coverage of the "Obamabomb?" taken from the "Cleveland Leader" which claims that Sinclair failed his polygraph tests. Ok, but what is the Cleveland Leader? Cleveland used to have a newspaper by that name, but it merged into the Cleveland Plain Dealer in 1917. There is no Cleveland Leader that I know of now. Maybe this website is coming out of someplace else named Cleveland.

As bad as it looks, this story descends even further into the underbelly. There is a murder connected with Jeremiah Wright's church where Obama worshiped:

A Freeper reports:

Choir director at White House Hopeful's controversial Chicago church shot to death.

Presidential hopeful Barack [Hussein] Obama has become tangled in a gay-murder probe rocking his controversial Chicago church as insiders ask: How much does he really know about the choir director's savage slaying? So far, Chicago cops' investigation into the murder of the Trinity United Christian Church's gay choir director has come up empty. But a top Chicago private detective tells GLOBE he believes the shooting death of 47-year-old Donald Young may be connected to Obama, who belongs to the church once headed by scandal-scarred preacher the ["]Rev.["] Jeremiah Wright.

"Donald Youmg was silenced because of something he knew about Obama," says a private investigator, who has connections to the police department's homicide unit. "Donald was in a position where he heard a lot of things and saw a lot of things concerning Barack, the mose well-known member of the church."

Now, Larry Sinclair, the Minnesota man who has been dogging Obama with claims he engaged in gay sex and drugs with the presidential candidate in 1999, says he has given cops shocking new evidence linking the Deomcratic White House hopeful to the baffling murder. Sinclair failed a disputed lie detector test over his initial "gay" claims about Obama.

But now he insists he had "contact" with Young shortly before the choir director was brutally killed. He says that each time, Young "instigated" phone calls, which were made "not long" before the murder.

Young's bullet-riddled body was found when his rommate returned to their apartment on Christmas Eve. Some presents and jewelry were missing and the apartment door was closed but unlocked.

The Globe story appears to have been removed from their website, not surprisingly.

This tale has a postscript. If you so desire, you can sign the Petition to "Impeach, expel Barak Obama" here. He isn't even in office yet and already there are people trying to get rid of him.

The curse of interesting times...

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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