Monday, September 22, 2008


Fr. Powell has taken on the New Age in his blog linked at Spirit Daily. Like an arrow hitting the bullseye, he provides 12 questions to ask of any new spirituality that comes toddling down the garden path. My own particular favorite is this one:

5). Does this practice require me to involve myself with “spirit guides” or “energies” that lay claim to an existence apart from God as Creator?

And this one is a close second:

8). Does this practice ask me to worship other gods or make created things into idols? (e.g., some forms of meditation, yoga, healing all rest on false notions of the body/spirit relationship and require a certain amount of willful negligence of one’s Creator).

All 12 are excellent questions that zero in on the problems presented by New Age.

Dear God, would you please make a duplicate of Fr. Powell for every parish in America?!!

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