Monday, September 08, 2008


The sordid adventure of the rusticated chairman of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), former ambassador Sam Edem, has thrown some light on the hidden exploits of our elite in the mystical world of the occult. Many high-society Nigerians, like their counterparts elsewhere in the world, are either deeply involved or have dabbled in and out of the kingdom of darkness. In the last political dispensation, we witnessed the clear faces of forces aligned with Satan and arrayed against God. Nominally, many of our political leaders, past and present, from Chief Obasanjo downward, just like Edem, would identify themselves as christians. Yet, in reality, they are Anti-Christ.

The work of the devil in the world is accomplished by his minions through the infliction of unutterable pain on the society in which they live, in exchange for personal favours. For example, just ponder what it means for US$ 10 billion to US$ 16 billion to be squandered by government on purported power supply, with the consequence of a worse situation than when the administration came into office. Then, multiply this mystery with other such scenarios in other sectors of the economy, bad roads, poorly equipped schools and hospitals, squalid housing and environment, etc. Such criminal misrule, wastage and plunder of national wealth were not what they seemed to ordinary eyes. It was all orchestrated from the underworld. Consider the secret cult contents of the past disturbances in Anambra, Enugu, Rivers, Oyo and other states. In Anambra, for instance, former Governor Chris Ngige's effort to renege on long-standing devilish oaths to share government funds among godfathers was stubbornly resisted, nearly costing him his life after he was kidnapped. There followed turbulence, violence, arson and other criminal acts, fully backed by the federal government. Those responsible had blood ties with Obasanjo, that is, they had some mystical intimacy or bondage.

In Oyo, another of Obasanjo's underworld friends, the late Lamidi Adedibu, ran a bloody mob organisation that was superior to the state government and received large sums of money from security votes. In Rivers State, assassinations and senseless killings were the order of the day both for political and sacrificial purposes, with politicians close to Obasanjo being fingered today as culprits. In Enugu State (Ebeano) run by Chimaroke Nnamani, was allegedly notorious for fetish, robberies, sexual crimes and violent killings.

All these atrocities, in violation of God's Ten Commandments, and the christian leaders who perpetrated them, point to the high level of Satanic operations now pervasive in our country.

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