Sunday, September 21, 2008


It's 4:30 a.m. on Sunday morning, and I'm sitting here at my computer trying to find a Mass. I looked at Angelqueen to be sure the Latin Mass is still being said in Akron, and stumbled across this commentary from Damian Thompson for the U.K. Telegraph that someone has posted to the Angelqueen message board. It says in part:

Sarah Palin is at the centre of a furious battle behind the scenes of the US election between conservative Christian tribes who want to claim her as one of her own. "Paleocons" and "theocons" are shrieking: "She's ours!" while the Republican campaign looks on in horror, hoping they will go away....

Buchanan, a Catholic hero of the SSPX, said this week that "the lady is no neocon". But, clearly, he's worried that the Zionist lobby is getting to his girl:

"Will the neocons who tutored George W. Bush in the ideology he pursued to the ruin of his presidency do the same for Sarah Palin? Should they succeed, they will destroy her. Yet, they are moving even now to capture this princess of the right and hope of the party....

bible-prophecy.com, a leading resource for America's 10 million or so hard-line fundamentalists, is rapidly turning into a Sarah Palin fansite. That's not what the vice-presidential candidate needs to attract swing voters – but then, neither is the support of isolationist paleocons who think Jewish money will determine the result of the election....

Too Funny Someone needs to drop Mr. Thompson a line & explain that AQ is not the SSPX.

Seems to be a tossup whether this political season will be devoted to racism or to religious bigotry.

Somehow I sense another vote for Santa Claus coming up.

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