Thursday, September 18, 2008


Try to imagine Priests for McCain. Would it be allowed to exist? Would separation of church and state become an immediate issue dragged into the courts?

There is a double standard in America. Candidates can and do campaign in Protestant churches--especially Black community churches--all the time. They even appear in the pulpit of those churches periodically. It's hardly a secret. Yet let a bishop campaign for a candidate, and an immediate flap arises. Catholics are not allowed to mention the name of candidates in church. Priests are not allowed to talk about them.

How then to explain Rabbis for Obama?

The organization is described at the JTA website:

More than 300 rabbis formed a group to support the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama.

"The support of rabbis nationwide is a testament to Barack Obama’s strong support in the Jewish Community, and demonstrates that he shares the values and principles so important to the American Jewish Community," said a statement released Wednesday about the group founded by Sam Gordon and Steven Bob, two rabbis from the Chicago area, the Illinois senator's base.

The rabbis attached to the release spans the Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist and Orthodox streams.

The website is located here

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