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Mark Waterinckx has posted a comment in my Sept. 5 Medj blog down below. It needs better visibility than it is likely to get down there, so I'm taking the liberty of reposting his comments here:

Of course the Vatican’s commission has investigated the activities of Vlasic in Med. He was the first spiritual leader. The CDF accuses him of MANIPULATION OF THE CONSCIENCES. He was spiritual leader of the ‘seers’. Isn’t that clear enough?

The Vatican has confirmed the jurisdiction of Bishop Peric of Mostar by asking him to publish the Roman decree against Vlasic.

Vlasic has his headquarter in Med.

He writes frequently in the “Echo of Med.”

He made a nun pregnant already in 1976. The child Toni was born in Germany on Jan. 15 1977. His mother was Sr Rufina, now again Manda Kozul. I possess the original copies of the many loveletters between Vlasic and this nun in that time . He manipulated her in a diabolical way.

In a letter to the pope he called his bishop ‘satan’!

‘Seer’ Marija Pavlovic made a public statement against manipulator Vlasic
Because of disobedience to bishop Zanic he was removed from Med.(where he arrived after Zovko was put in jail by the communists) to Vitina, which parish he left for living together with Agnes Heupel, who now says ‘Our Lady of Med. is not true’
After he was accused of holding satanic séances by a sister of his own community ‘Queen of Peace’ in Chieti-Italy he was degradated from superior to a mere member by a canonical process of a church commission in Italy.

It is Vlasic who invited the charismatic leaders of the whole world to Med. and who started the now thousands of prayergroups…
In the very beginning he wrote an Italian booklet together with Fr Slavko Barbaric PRO Med.

He has told me on taperecorder in Italian how he received ‘messages’ in May 1981 from Fr Tardif and Sr Briege Mc Kenna in Rome during an international charismatic meeting one month before the start of the fraud in Med. in June 1981.

Before 1981 he held in his parish in Capljina strange ‘charismatic’ trainingssessions with youngsters(also the ‘seers???’)

He perjured 2x before his bishop.

Because Marija Pavlovic saw him sleeping together with Agnes Heupel in Italy, she left disappointed his community and married Paulo Lunetti.

Vlasic was particularly close to the 2 ofm-rebels, Ivica Vego and Ivan Prusina, who were disciplined by the church on Jan. 29 1982, and defended by the ‘Gospa’!!!

As you see, I have a big file about Vlasic and his involvement is such that he was like the ‘Rasputin of Med.’ I have many documents to prove what I’m saying.

Always available for more info

Pax et Bonum

mark waterinckx


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