Saturday, September 13, 2008


The other day I posted some email from a relative in Corpus Christi, Texas when she was preparing for the hurricane. I've received email from her tonight. They had nothing--no rain, no wind.

She has a relative by marriage in the path of Ike who was at home alone with 7 animals. They were able to communicate by cell phone when the eye was overhead, but now phone contact has been cut off. Her husband is in Alaska working for an oil company.

I also have a relative in Houston. At last contact a tree had fallen on her house and the water was rushing into the bedroom. Then communication with her was also cut off.

My relative from Corpus Christi reported an aspect of the hurricane I had never considered:

We got one of the hottest days of the year today....my car thermometer said it was 101 degrees out there while I was running errands today. I went to Walmart to exchange some pants that didn't fit, and I had to stand in a long line behind people who were returning the supplies they bought for the hurricane! One lady had a basket full of canned goods and pet food she was returning. I heard someone else talk about returning a generator they'd bought. I feel for those poor store employees.

Good thing Walmart is so big, I guess.

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