Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have a family member living on the coast of Texas in the path of Ike. Her email Tuesday evening describes the situation on the ground. She works with mental health patients, who are the people she refers to as "our residents". As of this morning Ike is anticipated to hit on Saturday.

I went to the grocery this evening to stock up; and bottled water, canned food, pet food, etc. was just about gone. People were lined up at gas stations. Jim said the home repair shop was out of plywood to board up windows. Everybody is acting crazy!!

We've decided to ride it out and not evacuate, unless it's a category 5 storm or something. Luckily, this house has metal shutters on the windows so we don't have to board up. We've got everything we need, so we're ready. We'll probably get the word tomorrow about whether or not our residents at work will be allowed to evacuate. If so, then tomorrow will be spent helping them contact their families and get out of there. It's gonna be an interesting week!

I heard that hotel rooms farther up country are hard to come by, because there are still evacuees from Louisiana living in them. Apparently, FEMA has told the hotels they can stay until Saturday! So folks from this coast are just out of luck!

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