Friday, August 22, 2008


It seems to be inevitable. Where there is money, there are lawsuits, and in the case of the Vatican there are both.

Yesterday we were told by L'Osservatore Romano that there would be no claim for restoration of the property taken from the Knights Templar--that the lawsuit concerned only the restoration of the good name of the order.

NPR tells a different story:

A group of people claiming to be the heirs of the legendary Knights Templar are suing Pope Benedict XVI, seeking more than $150 billion for assets seized by the Catholic Church seven centuries ago.

They also want to restore the order's good name....

a group called the Association of the Sovereign Order of the Temple of Christ has filed suit in a Spanish court, asking for an apology from the pope and recognition that land and property worth about $150 billion today was seized from the Templars.

The Vatican will never reimburse the group, Govan says, because its members cannot prove that they are descendants of the Knights Templar.

Restoration of the good name of the Templars, if history shows that should be done, is an honorable thing. Going after money you have only a spurious claim to and did nothing to earn is a horse of a different color and would seem to prove that there is no honor among the present day Knights Templar, but only greed and a heart for vengence. We know the source of those motives, don't we?

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