Sunday, August 24, 2008


I said I was going to let the blog rest today. Well, maybe I lied. I am much too angry to wait until tomorrow to blog.

Nearly walked out of Mass this morning. Again. Here's why.

Before Mass we were expected to applaud the couple celebrating their 65th anniversary. Yes, being married for 65 years is significant and worthy of congratulations. No argument there. But I don't go to Mass to worship my fellow man. Same ole problem.

Next Mass began with a Yahweh hymn--you know the ones we are not supposed to sing anymore according to the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments. I guess I was the only person in church who knew that what we were singing was forbidden.

Next came the homily. The priest giving it is one I have always liked--a retired priest who is very intelligent and always interesting. His topic was roses. He began with Saint Rose of Lima. Good beginning for a homily, starting off with a saint. But he wanted to stay with the roses theme, and the next rose he talked about was the one in "Romeo and Juliet". He mentioned that the two young people in Shakspeare's play "gave up their lives to bring their families together". Uhm yeah, they committed suicide if I remember the play correctly. Last time I checked that was considered a sin.

Then came the Angus Dei. Father ad libbed this in his usual style, but this time he went even further to add his own thoughts. I forget his exact words.

Then there was the notice in the bulletin. It seems that Father Titus Kieninger, ORC is coming back to "celebrate Mass and conduct an evening of reflection". Here he is. And if you read the text at that website you'll see that he is a member of Opus Angelorum. Wonder if he plans to bring along his Kabbalah?

In case you need a refresher on what I object to about Opus Angelorum, check out what Rick Salbato has written in his article titled "Satanism and Disobedience." And just to be clear about things, here is an OA website that still talks about their favorite spook. I don't need the O.T.O. to learn how to channel guardian angels. I don't need to go to a channeler to learn about New Age. All I have to do is go to my local Catholic Church. The one that is supposed to still be orthodox.

The first round of Opus Angelorum was what caused me to cut my Sunday contribution by three-quarters. There's little more I can do to protest this travesty other than vote with my feet. I'm giving it very serious consideration, and my husband is encouraging me. By the time communion rolled around, I was much too angry to receive. We left after the final blessing, skipping the final hymn.

Is my disgust, contempt, and bitterness coming through? If it isn't, you weren't paying attention. If the priests set examples of disobedience, why should the faithful take the rules of the Church seriously?

I no longer have anything in common with these people I'm attempting to worship with, so why in the world am I still doing it?

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