Friday, August 22, 2008


The title of this story is "A heart divided finds a new path to peace". How there could be any sort of peace in this tale boggles the mind!

Married 23 years.
Mother of three.
Roman Catholic.

Discovers she's a lesbian 3 years into the marriage.
Waits until her children are 17 and 23 to make the announcement.
Divorces husband (presumably) and joins a nunnery in the Reformed Catholic Church.

Takes the Benedictine vows of silence and charity but refuses to take chastity vow.
Founds an Anglican Mission parish in Australia.
Finds a lesbian lover who says, "You're the pastor. I'm just the pastor's wife."

Discovers she's a novelist.
Writes book about bushranger and his prostitute.
Contemplates abandoning her nunnery (presumably only if her writing career takes off).

Calls this "a time of prayer and discernment".

I call this the sordid story of a selfish woman who can't make up her mind or keep a commitment, and doesn't care a fig for the damage left in her wake.

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