Friday, August 22, 2008


If you believe babies should not be ripped apart in the womb, you are not welcome at the Democratic Convention, but Archbishop Chaput is not going to be staying home during the convention. He has plans of his own:

The Democratic Party is refusing to invite the highest ranking Catholic official to its national convention that begins next week. Denver Archbishop Charles J. Chaput is the leader of the largest religious denomination in Colorado but he won't take part in the convention.

Democratic officials have invited other Catholics to the convention -- most of whom walk on the liberal side of the political spectrum. The party is going as far as flying in Greek Orthodox Archbishop Demetrios from New York.

But Chaput isn't getting an invitation -- and it likely stems from his comments saying faithful Catholics should obey the Church's pro-life teachings and not support candidates, like Obama, who support abortion.

Chaput took the decision in stride and told the Washington Times he did not take it personally.

"I'm happy to see they are having prayer at their sessions," he said, "and they have a right to choose whom they want to do that."

Instead of participating in the Democratic convention, Chaput will join a pro-life rally that will feature several pro-life African-American leaders.

Ya gotta smile about that!

Chaput - 1, Obama - 0

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