Monday, August 18, 2008

CHANNELING - David Brown/Kryon

Lee Carroll is not the only channeler of Kryon. In this website we meet David Brown who presents his Kryon channelings.

Kryon here speaks in much the same way as Kryon speaks through Carroll. If it's not the same spook, they have at least collaborated. Here too we get the "dear ones" language that is so reminiscent of the Medjugorje messages.

In the channeling "The Energy of Wealth" Kryon states:

Energy is sensual, it is passionate, it is love, allow yourselves to feel this kind of energy.

Sometimes when you are seduced you love to be seduced, sometimes you dream so hard, so long that somebody has to actually seduce you to give you what you really dream of. So allow this energy of seduction of wealth to enter your bodies, to flow into your bodies.

He should be speaking to the followers of Ayn Rand. They would surely tune into his message. They also are promoting the seduction of wealth.

As the list of David Brown/Kryon teachings indicates, this particular version of the Kryon entity is coming out of Africa. Perhaps this should not be surprising given Kryon's description of the future growth of Africa as channeled through Lee Carroll in the 2007 channeling at the U.N.:

I want to talk about the AU, which probably will not be seen for 50 years. . . two generations: The African Union. You met the doctor today, The Twist Master, I call him [Dr. Todd Ovokaitys]. He is one who will help cure the continent of Africa in this generation. For when the citizens of that great continent have health, they will then have the need for normal economies. And what you do not know and the underlying support is that there are literally trillions of what you would call dollars that are sitting and waiting to be invested in their health! There are those on Earth who also see this clearly.

These are the grand cities of the future, in the African Union. It will be a conglomeration of African states much like you see in the European Union, only bigger and more powerful, with their own securities exchanges that will rival anything the earth has ever seen, even the Chinese. Because the future resources that the world will need are in Africa, including some you have not realized yet. It is the next great frontier. And in this new energy, that continent must be cured. This is in progress, and indeed, it will be.

Perhaps that should come as no surprise given some of the spiritualities on the African continent. For example, a reader sent in an article titled "Voodooists Take Over Political Offices" in Nigeria from which the following passage is taken:

When the Okija saga hit the nation like a thunderbolt, most Nigerians were repulsed to find out that occultism has a major stake in the lives of most of our politicians - to the extent that men, who during their inauguration into office would prefer to swear with the Bible or Quoran, still go, in the cover of night, to shrines to swear allegiance, not to their state or country but to the devil, their godfathers and occult groups.
Nigerians have been inundated with stories of how ritual murders and practices have become the order of the day. While the motive for some of these human rituals has not been made official, not a few Nigerians believe that they are perpetrated by men and women who are either seeking political office or in desperate search for big business. Unfortunately, most cases of ritual murder go unresolved just as most persons who are declared missing in our country are never found.

AIDS is devastating Africa. What if that was a man-made devastation, as Boyd Graves and Rabbi Marvin Antelman propose that it was. Are we witnessing Chaos Magick on the continent of Africa?

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