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CHANNELERS - Jose Arguelles

New Dawn Magazine interviewed Arguelles, discussing his current attempts to persuade the world go give up the Gregorian calendar and join his World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, adopting the Myan calendar he claims is the only way to save the planet. He predicted a "Great Calendar Change of 2004" that has not happened yet. From the interview:

People have to understand that the Gregorian calendar is the world's most insidious dogma, that this calendar is a tool of the Vatican, and that therefore, the Vatican maintains mind control over the human species with this calendar. And everybody knows that it is irregular and irrational as well--so why still follow it?...

Not that we haven't already presented this to the U.N., the Vatican, and many other top leaders. But that has been a matter of course. If we hadn't done that we wouldn't be doing our jobs. Of course the Vatican chose to conceal our information and ultimately ignore it. Kofi Annan, however, did give us a positive letter of support. But of course, no one wants to take personal responsibility. So we say, that's OK, show us a better, more comprehensive solution. We are ready anyway, and everyone who knows that this is real and true is getting ready to say goodbye to the Gregorian calendar and its self-fulfilling apocalypse in 2004 and walk right into a time of peace and harmony....Besides, the Myan prophecy says that 2012 is the end of the cycle, and if we want to get there in one piece, we have to shift gears now....

By the way, all of this calendar change activity is also a Myan prophecy. In that regard, I am nothing but a messenger, and as a messenger, my name is Valum Votan, Closer of the Cycle.

It's rather bizarre to claim that the calendar is the reason we're screwed up, but the claim doesn't actually belong to Arguelles. He is just the messenger and the collector of royalties from his book, THE MAYAN FACTOR, describing this strange idea as New Connexion notes at the end of their description of this New Age guru.

Arguelles was the originator of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence World Peace Meditation, Coordinator of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement according to New Connexion.

The Spirit of Maat website calls Arguelles the "High Priest of the New Age" and also delves into this Myan prophecy business.

Fieldwerks goes a bit further in describing this "closing of the cycle of time" in a report "from Valum Votan conference in Rome":

The Day Out of Time [July 25] 2004, the culmination of the four years of the Harrowing of Hell.

Whatever it was, apparently it's over. The website features an eye logo--the Eye of Thelema, as used in Ordo Templi Orientis/Aleister Crowley websites, among others, though perhaps with some artistic interpretation here.

13moon.com tells us

The source of these calendar codes is the "Dreamspell" - the modern application of ancient Mayan time-science, brought to us by Dr. Jose and Lloydine Arguelles. As a tool of synchronization, unification, and telepathic development, by speaking a language of light, this template unites us in a harmony which transcends our language barrriers. By following the 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar, every day we meet each other in the consciousness of the energy and sacred symbol of the day.

Rather than labeling today's date as: "Thursday, December 22, AD two-thousand-and-five," to a
growing global population who tracks the Dreamspell count, today is: "Red Rhythmic Skywalker, Gamma Thythmic 10, Year of the Yellow Cosmic Seed."

That is going to play havoc with the little line for the date in your checkbook, but I don't think you have anything to worry about yet. This is the first I've heard about this new dating system, so it doesn't seem to have extensive popularity.

Susanna found a Dreamspell website that openly states the sources of Arguelles' notions. There, along with the Dreamspell calendar is the following claim:

The Dreamspell is a special interpretation of the ancient Mayan Calendar which was channeled from the ancient Mayan priest-king Pacal Votan through Jose Arguelles in harmony with the oracles of the Jaguar Priests of the Yucatan the Priests of Chilan Balam. The count of days in the Dreamspell does not coincide with the count of days of the ancient Classic Maya calendar or the calendar of the present-day Quiche of Guatemala. It is not meant to do that at all. Instead it is meant to be used in harmony with and not in competition with those other calendars see the statement by the Dreamspell Movement on this subject for further explanation.

So Arguelles is a channeler. Or perhaps it goes ever further. He, himself, claims to be Valum Votan. Votan confirms that:

No one but I...know how many times I have died. I died at least half a dozen times through my spiritual body before my son died completely for all of me. Then I died my seventh death, and knew to take a path that would not return me to the corporate identity that died along with my son. That was over ten years ago.

Most people who knew me then knew me by the author's name, "Jose Arguelles." Probably most people still think they know me by that name. But I know no one by that name except a fiction which I am no longer. I had struggled with the identity augured by that name for much of my life, and then came conclusively to the decision that it was of little value....I told my wife and partner many times afterwards that I was dead to the name that appeared on the books I had written. ...I gave the message of Pacal Votan's prophecy, Telektonon, saying that it was not an invention of any person named Arguelles, but the voice of Pacal Votan speaking through the body of that one once known by that name. ...It took me awhile to disidentity with that name, Arguelles, because no else really knew what kind of transformation was actually going on inside of me.

Is that what we usually think of as possession?

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