Saturday, August 23, 2008


I thought it would be a simple matter to blog the various New Agers who channel, but the attempt has proven to be enervating. I have made so many false starts in the last several days, gathering up bits and pieces of information about an explosion of channelers and their spooks, but it refuses to come together into a solid blog, and is becoming increasingly frustrating.

At one point I had planned next to delve into the activities of Benjamin Creme. The amount of material on him that turns up on the web would take me a year to read through. I considered next looking at historical channelers such as Bailey, Blavatsky, Besant, Leadbeater, Soloviev, Roerich, Aurobindo and discovering a reliable source for the name of their spirit. This, too, refused to come together even though in most cases their ascended master is known by name to most researches of New Age. I attempted to approach it from the other end, Googling the spirits to see what mortal name turned up. Once again the flood of information was daunting.

I think it's time to abandon the project. For whatever reason, apparently I'm not supposed to continue with it, at least not at this particular time. God must have other plans.

If nothing else, it has been an eye-opener. The growing channeling business with its attendant books, CDs, workshops, conferences, presentations, TV appearances, and celebrity groupies is greater than I had realized, and seems to still be gaining momentum. This is definitely a highway to riches if your spook cooperates. At the very least, with a little luck you can make a jet-set life for yourself, seeing the world on someone else's nickel.

There has been no email from Fr. Euteneuer this week, so there won't be his usual Sunday letter posted here. Since a channeling blog is hardly a topic for Sunday morning, I'm posting it tonight and tomorrow will let the blog rest.

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