Friday, August 15, 2008

CHANNELING - at the U.N. (Continued)

Spirit begets spirit? In looking at Kryon, that would seem to be the case. In the Kryon website Lee Carroll writes concerning the 1996 channeling at the U.N.:

This second UN Kryon visit was different. In the past year, the Kryon work had grown considerably....Jan and I went alone last year, but this time we had some of our "Kryon family" of workers with us, also. We were allowed six guests, so we included Geoff Hoppe and Linda Benjo (editors of the Kryon Quarterly and the PR arm of Kryon ), Rob Harris (who does all the Kryon national ad design), Dr. Todd Ovokaitys (M.D. science researcher and metaphysical visionary), and Steve and Barbara Rother (Our Kryon America On-Line helpers, and internet meditators).

Taking a look at the Kryon reunion 2008 reveals that some of the 1996 staff is still around, and the pictures reveal a following. The Kryon mall shot indicates how commercial this whole thing has become.

Among those staff members who were part of the 1996 U.N. channeling appearing at the 2008 Reunion were Geoff Hoppe and Steve Rother.

Geoff Hoppe has his own website, Crimson Circle. Hoppe channels Tobias. Listed at the website are a number of channelers who have taken part in News for the Soul broadcasts. J. Z. Knight is among them. So is Satyen Raja whose topic "Sex Passion and Enlightenment" is billed: "Tune in to hear about the sacred blending between the Divine Man and the Divine Woman." Alchemy? Sex Magick? Hieros Gamos? All of those? Notice the logo on the Crimson Circle link--a circle with wings. The symbol is Rosicrucian, though several other groups also use it.

Another of those who accompanied Kryon to the U.N. in 1996 is Steve Rother. He, too has taken up the business opportunity. He channels "The Group", and has taught channeling at the United Nations. Rother writes:

The VIC Esoteric Society is a group that meets weekly at the Vienna International Community that houses the UN and many of the UN organizations. Its members are primarily employees of the United Nations and many of its subsidiary organizations including UNIDO, (the United Nations Industrial Organization), The Atomic Energy Agency, (which oversees all atomic activity globally) and several others. The VIC society hires presenters to speak at special meetings and this was the second year I had been asked to present information from the Group. When the president of the society asked me what I would be speaking about, I told her I would present an introductory talk and live channel and then I would present a segment from our seminars on how to channel that would include a channeling exercise.

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