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Aquarian Age Community/Djwhal Khul

The Lucis Trust influence at the United Nations is a well documented reality. Lucis operates on the astrobabble of channeler Alice Bailey and her spirit guide Djwhal Khul. I've discovered another organization that also promotes Bailey's babble, the Aquarian Age Community.

This organization lauds the activities of the U.N. as explained in their newsletter "Diamond Light". Here we are told that the "powerful influence of the Angel of the Presence is steadily rising." The article also tells us:

In November 2003, the Secretary-General created a High-Level Panel that has made suggestions about how to successfully address the security threats facing humanity in the 21st century....On January 29, 2004 at a UN briefing, two members of this Panel provided some insights into their process....And, as the Tibetan Master prophesied, at the briefing, the recognition was articulated that "anyone's threat is everyone's threat and demands a collective response".

Another article in the organization's website, titled "Initiation, Glamour, Aquarian Age Community and the United Nations", we can discover:

We have been blessed. Sane and practical information has been given to us regarding the nature and processes of Initiation in the many books by the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, and Alice Bailey....

Each major advancement along the way is accompanied by a ceremony of Initiation, overseen by the applicants' Master and conducted by either the Christ in the first two initiations or the Lord of the World in later initiations....

Lord of the World? I know of only one entity with that name!

Lee Carroll/Kryon

Lee Carroll/Kryon have made five appearances at gatherings of the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation (SEAT), a part of the United Nations Staff Recreation Council.

The Council coordinates activities of numerous recreational activities of the U.N. staff and guests. Among those activities are a ski club, concerts, UFO programs, and these channeling events. It even houses the Jacqueline Ripstein painting of Our Lady of the Universe. So while Lee Carroll claims to have spoken at the United Nations, and has in fact channeled inside the U.N. building, it has not exactly been done to the full compliment of the Security Council.

Nevertheless, ideas do have consequences. If staff members at the UN are tuning into channeling, it is worth taking note.

Kryon has appeared at SEAT meetings in 1995, 1998, 2005, 2006, and 2007. The channelings are online for the world to read. I found the 2006 channeling particularly interesting. Here I found a reference to the Aztecs and the Mayans in conjunction with the year 2012. Here we are told that Armageddon was apparently canceled because it should have already taken place. But what was most captivating from this channeling was the following:

For those conspiratorial ones, let me give you something that you didn't expect. We have spoken of this before, but this is the time to speak of it more clearly. The Illuminati. Are you afraid of them? Do they exist? The answer is, of course, that they do. Conspiratorial ones will say that the Illuminati has been responsible for controlling stock markets, elections, commerce... perhaps even the U.N., for decades. Indeed, there is some truth to all of this because in an old energy, especially one of darkness and fear, this was not difficult by those who controlled shipping and oil.

In a new energy, where light is being turned on and everyone can talk to everyone, it is very difficult. So let me tell you what the Illuminati are doing these days. They are about to change everything and become the earth's "benevolent uncle." Oh, they're still interested in getting money and power, of course, for this is what they do. But they are beginning to realize that the old ways are becoming harder and harder to control. They were based in Greece, but they have moved to Africa.

In a not too secret move, they are moving billions of dollars from Europe to fund the curing of a continent. It is the Illuminati who will supply the funding for curing Africa of AIDS. The funds are there. Oh, Humans! Did you know that? You won't have to worry about that... one of the biggest puzzles of the past decades is on the verge of being funded and solved - the curing of an entire continent.

And why would they do such a thing? Because if they could become part of large, emerging governments, they will be on the ground floor of everything that happens from then on. Part of every tax collected will be theirs....Tens of millions of Human Beings will be cured over the next decades. It's unexpected, is it not? Like it or not, it is in the works, and the result will be the saving of millions of lives.

Gaia turns up in this claim:

If you will look at the real Mayan and Aztec calendars, you will see what they really had to say. What they foretell are patterns of energy potential that are all part of the time clock of Gaia. They're not calendars at all, as you think of them, but rather energy markers.

2008 is said to be a "pivotal year", and Kryon brings his "message from the angelic realm."

Kryon's phrasing often reminded me of messages from Medjugorje, particularly with his reference to "dear ones" that is part of the 2007 offering and others. Some of the phrasing from the 1996 channeling also brought Medj. to mind:

Oh, dear one, you are so dearly loved! That "Piece of God" within you has the power to change all of the things around you - even the attributes you fear the most! There is nothing too difficult for the miracle of spiritual physics to change! And your guides stand poised as the room increases in the love energy - right now.

Kryon also speaks of "peripherals" in the 1996 channeling. These are essentially the bad spirits who oppose the good spirits on the side of Kryon, claiming the peripherals give misinformation. We are also told to "MAKE PEACE WITH THE DRAGON". Huh? No elaboration is given. Presumably the audience at the U.N. know who the dragon is.

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