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CHANNELERS - Lloydine Arguelles/Bolon Ik

There is so much more of Jose Arguelles' activities that should be covered to understand the man and his channeled spirit Pakan/Valum Voltan, that I feel as though I've only touched the surface. Much of it is contained in his Galactic Research Institute which seems to be his major thrust at the present time. Interestingly, Sri Aurobindo and Teilhard de Chardin's noosphere both turn up in this website.

Before moving on there is one more detail of Arguelles' life that I want to touch on...his wife, Lloydine Arguelles.

One of the dangers of messing with the occult is the tendency of the spirits accessed to make fools of the people who channel them. This is glaringly true in the occult world. Devotees gather around one particular seer...cults then split over the arrogance of the personalities involved who all want to be in charge. Occultism doesn't exactly generate humility, and two seers channeling different truths are a prescription for disaster. The occult world is littered with the human fallout, some of which ends up in lawsuits in court.

The Lord and Lady of peace and harmony are an interesting example of that. It seems that Jose and Lloydine Arguelles have divorced.

In an interview with Carol Hiltner at the Spirit of Maat website--an interview titled "Mayan Time and the Sacred Feminine with Lloydine Arguelles"--Lloydine reveals:

I finally realized I had fallen prey to the Way of Being a Teacher. And sometimes when you do that you can solidify so that you forget to grow, yourself. Right now I am in a released place of being divorced, finding the delight of self-discovery, and trying to practice what I was preaching out there.

Obviously there is something a bit out of kilter with the system of peace and harmony the Arguelles promote. As Lloydine tells us in the interview:

One of our needs as humans is to understand that...duality creates polarity, which divides. And we're really looking for higher unity, embracing both marriage and divorce. Any heavy dogma we carry is not going to work. The "perfect couple" is really a form of idolatry.

If you're not living your own truth, it's going to catch up with you.

A reference in the interview to the Tortuga.com website led me to a pdf file that explains who Valum Voltan and Bolon Ik are. It primarily gives the history of theArguelles' channeling practices. There we learn that "two turtles of the Telektonon, Pacal Voltan and Bolon Ik, are reunited in love in the Navigation Tower." Too bad they didn't spread some of that love around the house.

In the "prophecy" Arguelles admits that "Pacal Votan had been a type of guide, or spirit-guide" to him, and he recounts his early channeling experiences. He describes what beliefs he holds from the Buddhist and Tibetan religions. He admits that he was raised a Christian, but now believes that of the "three messengers of the awakening: Buddha, Christ, and Muhammad...the most important of the three were the first and the last, Buddha and Muhammad." He talks about a religion which will follow Christianity. He briefly mentions the "Calendar of Thoth in Egypt", and the use of crystals with a pyramid inside, the Rainbow Bridge, and the initiations of the "Seventh Ray" or ceremonial magic.

We learn from the paper that "Pacal Votan had come calling, and behind him was the beckoning of his heavenly lover, Bolon Ik", and that

...in the Tibetan tradition that a Terton (discoverer of a prophecy), the one who finds the text, always needs to have a female companion or in some rare cases where it is a female finder, a male companion. The reason for this is that it is very often a woman or a female who will trigger the discovery of the Terma. In the case of the Telektonon we had two instances of female. It was specifically Tynetta Muhammad who came to me with the text (of the prophecy Arguelles claims to have discovered); and I had with me my constant companion, Bolon Ik. It wass largely through Bolon Ik's inspiration that the different levels of teaching were to be discovered by me.

I presume this was written prior to the divorce given that Lloydine signs herself "Lloydine Bolon Ik" in her weblog. In this blog she speaks of her "salaried 'job'" and of living as a single woman for five years, and tells us "the pressure to earn one's daily bread is real."

Now that Valum Votan and his Bolon Ik are traveling in different directions, I wonder what will become of Arguelles' ability to channel? Most likely it won't be Arguelles who disappears because the spirit has left him, but rather it will be this paper that will disappear and a whole new teaching about the role of the feminine will take its place.

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