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CHANNELERS - Jose Arguelles/Valum Voltan - Continued

On February 3, 2003 Robert Lucente at philzone.com interviewed Arguelles. The long version of this interview is online at Fieldwerks. It prints out at 32 pages. (Notice that the Eye of Horus/Thelema appears at the top of the website.)

What appears to be the same interview can also be read at philzone.com, but while this one begins with identical material, it prints out at 18 pages and contains different material after the first couple of pages.

My comments below are taken from the longer version at Fieldwerks. Here it is indicated that Arguelles founded the Foundation for the Law of Time which promotes the "Great Calendar Change of 2004", which, of course, did not take place. The interview begins with a claim "I Channel in order to Nuture...I am a galactic activation portal enter me."

Arguelles states that the Foundation's purpose "is to promote the 13 Moon Calendar." He claims that

Most people have no idea how much we are programmed by a calendar...a calendar is what programs a society that uses it. It is the most fundamental program that a society has. If you take the calendar away from society, the society ceases to exist really."

While I wouldn't go so far as to agree that it is the "most fundamental program", it is an important program that makes it possible for the society to run smoothly and keep order.

Yet what he is proposing to do is to take away the Gregorian Calendar used worldwide. What kind of confusion would be caused by removing this calendar and substituting another, particularly if only part of the society adopted the new one? To me this qualifies as a technique to cause chaos, and causes me to wonder if he is one of the many chaos magicians contemplating disrupting the social order.

Much is made of the fact that the mainstream New York Times published an article on the proposal to change to a Myan calendar, seeing this as confirmation that mainstream media is willing to consider the proposition.

An antagonism toward the Vatican is expressed:

This calendar was, of course, inherited by the Christians in the 6th century or even before that, which then became the Eastern Church, the Orthodox Church and later on the Catholic Church. Then in 1582, Pope Gregory the 13th had a reform of the Julian calendar and then it became known after Pope Gregory, as the Gregorian calendar. In a sense, this calendar is the Vatican’s calendar. The world lives on Vatican time....

...in 1929, a guy named Benito Mussolini, a Fascist dictator of Italy decided that the Vatican, who’s power had shrunk enormously from the time of Pope Gregory the 13th in 1582 when the Vatican virtually owned the planet (in terms of its colonization’s and finance and so on) that it had shrunk. It had lost all its power. Benito Mussolini said the Vatican needs to have political status, political power again, needs to have its own banking system and in 1929 the Vatican became virtually a nation state of 4 acres and was able to wield a lot of power. So when the news of the calendar reform came, and as I said the Gregorian calendar is really the Vatican calendar...

the Vatican then marshaled all of its influence, which was still very great, and at that time still had influence with many scientists and said, ‘Look 13-months/28-days, 13 times 28 is 364. There is 365 days in a solar orbit. The 365th day is no day of the week or month at all.’ This is what we call a DAY-OUT-OF-TIME, which correlates to July 25.

This ‘day-out-of-time’ or ‘null day’, as they called it back then, was objected to strenuously by the Vatican. The Vatican raised big arguments saying that, ‘If we had a null day, a day that was no day of the week or month at all, that that would break the succession of the 7-day week that was set in motion when God created the Universe.’ Of course, where did the 7-day week come from? It came from the Babylonians based on the mystic number 7 and then they gobbled that all up with planetary associations. In any case, the Vatican, and its scientific apologists said, ‘If we break the succession of the 7-day week, that the world will fall into social chaos, catastrophe, terrorism and war.’ Well, where are we today because we didn’t make that reform? OK, we are exactly at that point.

Christian theology presumes that time is linear. Pagan theology assumes time is circular. Linear time is essential to believe that Christ came once to save all of humanity. He will not come again until the end of time, and there will in fact be such an end. Circular theology posits that cycles repeat themselves, and there may be more than one opportunity for humanity to straighten up and fly right.

Arguelles says:

We think time is something you measure on a clock and you can reduce down to nanoseconds. We think that time is absolutely linear, this doctrine of inexorability, that we are going continuously from the past into a future, and material progress is inexorable. This concept of time is very linear. Well, to the Maya, time was not mechanical and time was not linear. Time was the frequency of synchronization. Time is what counts for synchronicity. The more synchronicity there is, the more in time and in tune with time that you are. A concept of time that is linear and mechanistic makes synchronicity an oddball thing....

Well, that’s an interesting thing. They had a concept of past and future, but they had also much more the idea of cycles, or cyclical order, or what I’ve come to call, synchronic order.

If time is circular, Christ would have to come again in each cycle.

Arguelles would like to stop modern civilization so that a new civilization could come into being. He claims:

So how do you throw a monkey wrench into the works? Well, how you throw the monkey wrench into the works is you take out the fundamental macro program, which is the calendar. That’s the monkey wrench in the works. I saw that back in 1989 and 1990, and I worked out a lot more mathematics of the Mayan calendar, but I knew this 13-month/28-day calendar was really the ticket to replace this Gregorian calendar. I didn’t know in an uphill struggle it was going to be. I started telling people about this and they all looked at me like I was crazy, but I got a very strong sense of urgency. Then in 1993 I decoded a Mayan prophecy, which said basically that: the human species was operating in error and unless it reverted to natural time and abandoned the artificial time, it would destroy itself by, our favorite date, 2012. Which is not very far away.

Those adopting the new calendar could claim their human rights to use it:

...you have your rights according to that calendar. So if we say that we now recognize that there is a new community on Earth that is placing its concept of it’s sovereignty in the 13 Moon Calendar and no longer recognizes the legitimacy of the Gregorian calendar, according to the Charter of Human Rights, we are saying that our rights have to be respected following this calendar. It’s kind of like passive resistance. We’re not in the Gregorian world anymore.

In fact Arguelles admits that he is talking about spiritual revolution with this calendar change:

It’s a cultural phenomenon and a cultural revolution. We will establish a new community and this community will establish its own legitimacy....

We are also calling for a Universal Religion Council where we’ll have leading representatives of all the world religions, as well as indigenous leaders to kind of referee it, that will just come together on this one point and agree that to change the calendar will give the human race the opportunity to stop in its’ tracks, to stop shooting for a little bit, to reorganize its’ priorities, and to make a better world.

Spiritual unity is the very foundation of this. If we can get representatives of all the major religions to agree on this, then they’re agreeing on a point that’s beyond all of their dogmatic and doctrinal differences for the spiritual betterment of humanity. So we want to emphasize that this is a peaceful cultural revolution, this revolution of time, and it’s a profoundly spiritual revolution.

Arguelles indicates that he admires James Twyman's peace efforts. I've blogged Twyman in the past and will not go into detail about him here.

Arguelles speaks of crossing paths with Terrence McKenna in the middle 80s and sharing concern about 2012.

He speaks of the Noosphere--ala Teilhard de Chardin perhaps?

He speaks of the five "earth families".

He talks about doing away with leap year, substituting instead 13 Jubilee Days every 52 years.

There is more in the interview, but I'll let you go read it for yourself if you're interested.

Arguelles' Galactic Research Institute of the Foundation for the Law of Time can be seen here. The Catholic Church via the popes are targeted here as well. This website appears to have been constructed prior to the turn of the century.

There does not seem to be much recent information about Arguelles' plans since the failure of the 2004 prediction, but I doubt he has curled up and gone away.

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