Saturday, August 09, 2008

CHANNELERS - Jose Arguelles (continued)

The editor of Canada Free Press, Judi McLeod, said in May 2005 that Ted Turner has taken up the 13-moon-calendar mantra:

One of the things Turner is not so well recognized for is that he was the inspiration for the United Nation's Peace Calendar, an initiative that morphed into the 13 Moon calendar. (See When the Big Hand Says Thirteen Moon Calendar, canadafreepress.com, August 27, 2004).

Ostensibly, the UN rejected considering calendar reform in 1995 as part of its 50th anniversary. Within four years, UN officials were passing calendar reform duty over to lifetime activist for peace, Dr. Jose Arguelles, an originator of Earth Day.

It was when he was speaking to a group of broadcasters when Turner suggested that changing the way of dating time was in order. Turner said he wants to change time from the current BC (Before Christ, i.e. 380 CE) and AD (Anno Domini, Latin for "in the Year of our Lord).

"Why don't we broadcasters make it our goal to get the world at peace by the year 2000? Let's make it the year zero–BP and AP, Before Peace and After Peace," he told the gathering of broadcasters, who responded to the idea with applause.

Referring to the fourth beast whose kingdom will "devour the whole earth, beat it down, and crush it" the prophet Daniel declares:

"And he shall speak words against the High One, and shall crush the saints of the most igh: and he shall think himself able to change times and laws, and they shall be delivered into his hand until a time, and times, and half a time." Daniel 7:25

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