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CHANNELERS - Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard channels the
Christ voice
according to Catholic Culture:

Barbara Marx Hubbard, for the uninitiated, is one of the leading figures in the United Religions Initiative and a founder of the World Future Society. In her book, The Revelation: A Message of Hope in the New Millennium, which she claims was dictated to her by "the Christ voice," she has Jesus Christ exhorting his true disciples to "love Satan, my fallen brother," explaining that he never suffered on the cross but rose from the dead "to show you what you can do. Yours is the power. Yours is the glory. That is my message to you."

In her project to "move humanity forward," Hubbard is assisted by such powerful men as Robert Strange McNamara; Canadian multi-billionaire Maurice Strong; Orville Freeman, former U.S. secretary of agriculture; Irving Shapiro, former chairman of E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co., et al.

Hubbard's version of the Lord's Prayer begins, "Our father/mother god ... Which art in heaven ... Hallowed be our name ... Our kingdom is come ... Our will is done."

She is also the director of a video titled COMPLETE GUIDE TO CHANNELING, a documentary teaching the viewer how to talk with the spirit world. Insight describes this CD:

"In this acclaimed documentary, learn how to talk with spirit--from connecting and hearing your inner self, or your Spirit Guide, or to channel a high being. With renowned Channelers: Lazaris, Terry Cole Whittaker, Ken Carey gives a "how-to-channel" workshop...

Those appearing on the CD include

LAZARIS - channeled by Jach Pursel. From Pursel's website:

Since 1974, Lazaris has channeled through Jach Pursel, his only channel, offering his friendship and love and generating a remarkable body of tools, techniques, processes, and pathways for our Spiritual Journey to God/Goddess/All That Is.

He has touched thousands of us in his extraordinary workshops and tens of thousands more of us with his books, video recordings, and audio recordings that many have said are the finest tools of metaphysics and spirituality available.

We invite you to explore the Love and Light, the joy and wonder, which is this Spark of Love known as Lazaris.

He can be accessed online pay-per-view.

TERRY COLE-WHITTAKER - She does not outright profess to be a channeler. Rather she teaches a prosperity gospel similar in philosophy to the Law of Attraction. One of her webpages dedicated to selling her teachings includes three CD sets, one of which "contains valuable knowledge on the flow of divine energy" which apparently equates to channeling given that she participates in Barbara Marx Hubbard's offering. Cole-Whittaker has many more goods to sell as spelled out briefly here.

KEN CAREY - Insight Books offers four books by Ken Carey centered on native American spirituality and the Starseed Transmissions. Answers.com gives a brief bio of Ken Carey which tells us:

During the winter of 1978-79 he channeled for 11 days. The entities that spoke through him sometimes appeared as angels (including the angel Raphael) or extraterrestrials. However, during the later sessions, an entity declared, "I am Christ. I am coming this day through the atmosphere of your consciousness…. I am the bridegroom, spoken of old. I came to you first through the man named Jesus." The transcripts of these sessions were published as The Starseed Transmissions in 1982 and became an early channeled New Age classic. The popular response led to the publication of further volumes based on the channelings.

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