Thursday, August 14, 2008


From a New Oxford Review link:

The sexual abuse of children happened on his watch.

And so for the first time, Cardinal Francis George on Tuesday opened the books on a litany of failures by church officials as he announced a $12.7 million lawsuit settlement by the Chicago Roman Catholic Archdiocese.

By releasing the details and unveiling his own sworn deposition, the archbishop revealed a flawed and secretive system where priests and bishops employed by the archdiocese to this day protected their own.

Some victims' advocates say the cardinal's wholesale disclosure also signaled a new era of cooperation that will prevent wrongdoing in the future and hasten the healing process for victims.

Read it here

I want to believe that we are finally going to begin to get disclosure and honest answers from our bishops. I WANT to. But there is still that nagging inner voice that asks if this is just another legal tactic?

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