Wednesday, August 06, 2008


August is a bad month for Catholic journalists. Rome tends to go into hibernation in August, leaving little to report, so old news becomes new again. Today looks like typical August.

Stories in the news are about the pope writing an encyclical (not the encyclical, just the prediction of one); satanic graffiti on a church (we've heard that too many times before); the pope has asked China to be open to Christianity (important, but hardly earth-shattering given the number of times it has occurred); an inflatable church is catching on at the beach; yet another grandmother wants to be ordained; yet another priest is sentenced for abusing teens; and the hardship faced by Mid-Eastern Christians. These are important issues, but this morning they have a ho-hum quality. They aren't even in sight of adrenaline, let alone cause to call it up.

Rather than fiddle with code to blog these stories, I think I'll just move on to blogging recent research.

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