Monday, July 07, 2008


Those of you who were around the parishes in the 1970s are probably familiar with the problems created by a program called Renew. From my own experience of it, it was one of those feel good and play theologian programs all sappy with emotion that did little more than waste time that could have been better spent. It was a contributor to my decision to leave a liberal parish.

If you want a detailed account of the problems with Renew, check out Our Lady's Warriors extensive critique of the program.

Renew is still around, as their website indicates. They are influencing the Boston Archdiocese with a program called Arise Together in Christ.

Of greater concern is the teaming up of Theology on Tap with Renew which is also advertised on the Renew website at the drop down window labeled "Our Ministries." Theology on Tap looked like a program that could reach college age youths with the message of the gospel. It meets in bars where those young people often hang out. It teaches the faith in ways that it was hoped the students would respond to. Now, though, with this joining up with Renew, I would be quite unhappy to discover my child had gotten involved with it.

There are more links on this disturbing development at Threshing Grain.

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