Friday, July 04, 2008


According to a Catholic News Service article, the desired reconciliation with the SSPX will not take place.

...a statement released by the Swiss-based society July 1 implied that the traditionalist group did not accept all the conditions set out in the letter, and it appealed to Pope Benedict XVI to lift the 1988 decree of excomunication against the society's bishops who were ordained without papal permission.

The Vatican press office said July 3 that it did not plan to comment on the statement.

In my opinion the SSPX has more in common with the Old Catholics than with those in communion with the pope.

It's time to wait until the current bishops of the SSPX have died. Perhaps with a new generation that has experienced the loneliness of not being in communion with Rome there will be better hope for reconciliation. It's time for the SSPX to stop deluding themselves that they are Roman Catholic and experience the full impact of what they have done.

As every parent learns very quickly, talk can only go so far, then comes the time for action, showing a wayward child that you mean what you say and the punishment will be enforced.

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