Thursday, July 17, 2008


In researching information on Bishop Geoffrey Robinson websites I noticed that his webmaster is Ingrid Shafer.

Here is Shafer's website, or one of them at least. It contains links for "Shafer's Cybersites". Scroll through them and notice that Leonard Swidler's Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church, his Global Dialogue Institute, and the Center for Global Ethics are among them.

Here is a New Group of World Servers website (a part of Lucis Trust, founded by Theosophist Alice Bailey). Notice that the Center for Global Ethics is the third entry.

The Center for Global Ethics prominently displays Leonard Swidler's and Ingrid Shafer's involvement.

Here is the website of the Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church where you can see that Leonard Swidler is the President and Ingrid Shafer is the webmaster.

Given this connection, my next question is whether Bishop Robinson has any dealings with Lucis Trust?

What we are looking at with this Scenerio of Robinson vs. both the Australian Bishop's Conference and Cardinal Mahony is bishop opposing bishop in about as blatant a form as one can imagine--one bishop forbidding another bishop to speak in his diocese. Robinson is offering a very liberal position on important issues in the Church. He does not appear to be a loyal member of the magisterium. He appears to be loyal to something else. One wonders exactly what that something else might be.

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