Saturday, July 19, 2008


That's a question we've been asking ourselves since around July 3. Official baby day was supposed to be July 11, but the word from the experts around the third was that it was imminent. Most of my life since then has been planned around a potential interruption, but there has been no interruption so far.

She is once again scheduled to be induced this morning, but as of yesterday the word was that all of the beds at the hospital were still full and it might be rescheduled again. There seems to be a happy epidemic of newborns.

Little Mama is NOT happy. Picture a cat in a bath and you have some idea of her present state of mind. The only thing she thinks about is how to get this kid out of her so she can breathe and sleep again without being awakened by a kid kicking her organs. Baby is restless and seems to have his days and nights mixed up already.

I have plumbed new depths of persuasion I didn't know I had in an effort to calm her down, and met with only partial success. It would almost be funny if it weren't so demanding. She's not used to not being in charge. A little voice in my head keeps saying "W-A-I-T", but my mothering instincts prevent me from voicing it. My greater sympathy is with her husband who can't escape by sweetly saying goodbye and hanging up the phone.

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