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FROM THE EMAILBOX - Continued Urgent Prayer Need for Jamaica

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Human Life International e-Newsletter
Volume 03, Number 27 | Friday, July 11, 2008



Continued Urgent Prayer Need for Jamaica

Spirit and LifeĀ® readers will be well aware of the ongoing campaign to legalize abortion on demand in the Caribbean nation of Jamaica. Our valiant pro-life friends in Jamaica have just informed us that they need prayer this coming week as the abortion issue comes before their Parliament. I am writing to ask you to join HLI in our effort to spiritually strengthen this nation and its defenders of life.

The clash between life and death is heating up. The plan to expand the killing of children in Jamaica has worked its way very patiently through three successive governments over several years and has finally found its way onto the table of Parliament. This is not a positive development, by any means, but it is a unique opportunity for a still pro-life nation to show that it can reject this immoral business.

On Thursday, July 3rd, a Joint Select Committee of Parliament held the first of three hearings to discuss the liberalization of the abortion law. On Thursday, July 10th, the second hearing took place, and, at this session, the pro-abortion Ministry of Health presented its views. Both hearings were open to the public and dozens of men and women of conscience showed up to give a poignant reminder to the committee members that the overwhelming majority of the Jamaican people do not want abortion. Indeed, the effort to expand abortion in Jamaica is not in response to any broad-based demand of the populace but is the work of an elite group of individuals in league with radical international organizations who wish to impose it on an unsuspecting population.

Typical of such campaigns is the promise that the people will be consulted prior to any Parliamentary vote. However, despite generous assurances of consultation, the only input Parliament has had to date has been from a 13-member "Abortion Policy Review Advisory Group" stacked with abortion sympathizers whose final report looked like it was cut and pasted from a Planned Parenthood textbook. It still remains to be seen whether public consultation will actually take place or whether this is just another illusion.

On the positive side, various different pro-life groups and concerned individuals have been invited to make written submissions to Parliament which are due this coming Monday (July 14th), and some of them may be asked to make oral presentations to Parliament very soon.

Here is where we need your help! As part of our HLI spiritual family, please pray and fast to help the good people of Jamaica to stop the momentum of this heinous crime against humanity known as abortion. Our pro-life friends have been doing everything in their power to stop this horror from turning into a national nightmare, and undoubtedly our prayer support will help them in their life-and-death struggle.

Please beg the Guardian Angel of Jamaica to intercede for their precious babies, families and, indeed, the very soul of their nation!

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer,
President, Human Life International

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